Friday, 14 December 2018

The Festive Trio

Now that exams are almost over and the last of assignments are handed it, it's finally time for Christmas and the festivities that come with it. It's time for the family nights, the friend reunions, the nights out because 'sher look it's Christmas'. And with all of that comes the 'I have nothing to wear' dilemma. So this is where this blogpost will hopefully help you with three outfit ideas for the different occasions  that you'll probably encounter over the festive season.

Friday, 23 November 2018

Save On The Statement

Even though I hate to say it because I still think it's way too early, but the Christmas nights out and festivities are coming up very quickly. Thinking about what to wear is one thing but how to take your everyday makeup to the next level is another. You wouldn't mind splashing out on a foundation that you use every day or a nude lipstick you'll get the wear out of but you don't really want to spend all your money on a glitter you're going to use for a couple of nights out. I'm going to share some statement makeup products with you that will make your everyday look party ready without breaking the bank.

Friday, 2 November 2018

The Quarter Life Crisis

Ever since September and starting third year of college there's been a huge focus on your career and future in my course. Seeing people swanning around in graduation robes in college and hearing what they're doing with their life kind of freaks you out a bit, and this is when the quarter life crisis kicks in. As in, what the hell are we all doing with our lives? It's time to have a chat about the freaking out that 90% of people I've talked to are currently having about their future, career and life in general.

Friday, 5 October 2018

Skincare Switch

I'm an absolute skincare addict and I feel like everyone is switching up their skincare recently, me included. I've seen so many skincare hauls and new routines everywhere online so I decided to share my recent skincare repurchases, some new additions to my routine and some old skincare favourites just in case you're thinking of doing a skincare switch. 

Friday, 28 September 2018

The Red Brunette X Plant Powered Human

Today's post has actually been a while in the pipeline so I'm delighted that I am finally sharing it with ye, it's a collab with Darragh. If you don't know who he is then you mustn't know me at all but he's my twin brother who also happens to have a blog where he shares food, lifestyle and music.
We've been wanting to do a collab for a long time but couldn't figure out what to share on both of our blogs that are still true to the topics that we share but the other is interested in too.