Monday, 10 March 2014

Ballyvourney, the city folk in the country.

Anything is better than a day of school on a fresh spring day so an Irish trip to ballyvourney on a Monday morning is always great.  
We set off bright and early on the bus and took selfies of course. 

Upon arrival we watched some movies and then set off on our walk and once again took more selfies. Typical us. 
We past some historical, religious monuments and after a while we came across the forest walk which was the highlight of my day having the Bants taking pictures and trying not to fall down the steep hill while dancing. 

On the way home we all got ice cream since it was such a lovely day.

When I say 'us' I mean my friends. Me (Ailbhe) my twin (Darragh) and the other set of twins Lonnog & Siothmhaith. Most of these pictures were taken by them.(thanks btw) 

I had a great day and hope this fine weather lasts! I hope ye enjoyed my blogpost.
Toodle pip 
Ailbhe x


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