Thursday, 27 March 2014

Déjà vu

So once again I'm in Dublin! But unfortunately this time it wasn't a shopping trip it was a trip to the Dáil with my year.

Going on a train is always fun. I was trying to take a picture in the reflection of the luggage holder but the sun got in the way... 

After arriving in Dublin and a Luas trip into grafton street we went for lunch and had a stroll around. Of course our first stop was American apparel afterwards we popped into lush. 

 Scrunchie - American Apparel 
Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask - Lush

We then went to the Dáil and had a tour around Leinster House and there were so many pretty staircases but you couldn't take any pictures in there. 

We went into the National Museum of Ireland after that and I found some statement necklaces!

After a while we got bored and played hide and seek but first let me take a selfie. 

We legged it into M&S and got white chocolate cookies and devoured them even before I could take a picture! I got this really yummy tea too.

Siothmhaith is enjoying her cuddle with her new purchase (btw his name is Chubs) 

Once again I'm writing this blogpost on the way home but this time it's on the train with wifi! 
Toodle pip
Ailbhe x

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