Sunday, 16 March 2014

St. Patricks Day Nail Art 🍀

Hey guys! Since St. Patricks Day is just around the corner I thought instead of wearing green from head to toe, patriotic nails are perfect. Not too cheesy yet still being festive. 

You're going to need a base coat/top coat, green, white and orange polishes along with a cosmetic sponge. 

Sally Hansen double duty
Essence walk on the wild side
Barry M matte white
Revlon Siren

To start off apply your base coat. Once that is dry apply the white polish until it's opaque. I needed 2 coats but you might need more depending on the polish.

Next paint some green polish onto the corner of the sponge and start dabbing it onto your nail from the cuticle up. Fill in a third of your nail with the green polish.

Leave the middle third of your nail white and move onto the orange. Once again paint the corner of the sponge and apply this to the upper third of your nail.

Once everything is dry take some cotton buds dipped in nail varnish remover and clean around your nails to take off any polish that got onto your fingers. 

Seal everything with a topcoat, leave your nails dry and you're done!

I hope you have a fabulous St. Patricks Day. Toodle Pip,
Ailbhe x


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