Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Tulips from Amsterdam

Settling down with an Easter egg watching dance moms is the best way to end a perfect week. 

Last Wednesday morning myself and my year congregated in cork airport to set off on our big fourth year adventure to Amsterdam. 

Upon arriving in the magnificent city we met our bus driver for the few days. We set off for the day and visited a few museums and headed to our home for the four days and of course we took a selfie with our clog keyring.

Day 2 started bright and early. We headed to this touristy windmill place which was great fun, after that we went on a boat trip down the canals of Amsterdam which was followed by a visit to the Anne Frank museum which we really interesting.
After going back to the hotel and having dinner we went to this swimming pool that had all these cool different features like a lazy river and a slide that played music it was so much fun!

Day 3 was the day we went to Rotterdam. We went up this big tower and there was the most amazing view at the top. Afterwards we went on another boat ride but we got quite bored and cold so we went inside the boat and got ice-cream. Mini world Rotterdam followed the boat ride which was like Clonakilty Railway Village! We went bowling that night after dinner which was a bit of craic.

Day 4 was our last day which was spent in Walabi Holland. I'm not a big roller coaster person so I thought this day wasn't going to be the best but it was so much fun. The sun was shining all day which definitely helped! We then started the long journey home. In the airport there was a mac stand so I finally purchased soft&gentle. Our plane home was called Ailbhe which I thought was a great way to end the trip! We arrived into Dublin airport and got a bus home, I collapsed into bed that night! 

This trip was filled with banter, sleeping, memories and laughter. I'm in love with the city and I really want to go back sometime soon. 

Toodle pip
Ailbhe x

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