Saturday, 17 May 2014

The Best Weekend

Last weekend was my orchestras summer concert weekend aswell as the county Fleadh. Even though I'm still exhausted from it, it was still one of the best weekends. 

Friday night was a cyo rehearsal. Before the rehearsal my family went for dinner in Ramen. 

During the rehearsal I realised there was wifi so I was a vey happy bunny.

After a lie in on Saturday morning and a lazy day I started getting ready for the first concert. This was my first  concert playing the oboe so I was quite nervous but it all went well thank god! 

It was an early morning on Sunday so we could get down to Skibereen for the Fleadh. Our under 18s grĂºpa came third which was great because we usually don't place. And of course we took selfies and stopped for ice cream on the way home.

I had a grand snooze for myself when I come home then it was time to get ready again. Sunday was amazing, everything went well and there were no major disasters! 
Sunday night was a lot of people's last cyo concert so of course there were tears! I cry at every concert anyway (#overemotionalailbhe) 

I had such a great year with cyo and hopefully I'll have many more to come. As cheesy as it sounds were like one big family, I love everyone to bits and I don't know what I do without cyo. Let's get excited for next year and hope it will be as good as this year.

Toodle pip 


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