Saturday, 2 August 2014

Friends, France & Fireworks

My family travel to France every year and this year was not different. We arrived in Jard Sur Mer on the thirteenth of July. Since it is a small town it has it's Bastille Day festivities the day before so it doesn't have to compete with bigger towns bigger firework displays. 

The evening started by being reunited with our Scottish friends. We've known them for five years now and we meet up in France every year. 

Chichis are always a must.

Top - River Island
Jeans - Aeropostale
Jumper/Shoes - Pennys

Even though it was really cold and we were exhausted from travelling it was a great night and I was so glad I could spend it with my Scottish friends Christina and Sophie. 

Toodle pip 
Ailbhe x

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