Friday, 8 August 2014

Wear Life Eats

Today I am taking a leaf out of Lily Pebbles blogging notebook. She does regular posts on her blog called 'Wear Life Eats'. It's like a current favourites, something you wear be it fashion or beauty, something to do with your life so maybe an event or a book you have been reading and something you have been eating. 

//Wear// I have been loving this Bourjois bronzer recently. First of all it smells like coconuts and chocolate which is the smell of summer to me. This matte powder adds warmth to the face and is very easy to contour with. I also love blending this into the crease of my eye, it looks gourgeous with a shimmery lid and big lashes. 

//Life// I have been hooked on the tv series Elementary. I'm currently halfway through season 2 as we speak. It's an American version of Sherlock starring Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Lui. I like winding down after a busy day with a face mask and several episodes of Elementary.

//Eats// A salad bar called The Rocket Man recently opened in Cork. Ever since it opened my brother has been wanting to go so we popped in earlier this week. I got a caramel square which was divine and my brother got a green juice which was pretty good too. They were all so friendly in there, I'm looking forward to my next visit.

Toodle pip
Ailbhe x

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