Thursday, 27 November 2014

The Spot Treatment Edit

As teenagers we all have to deal with teenage breakouts unless you have flawless skin which I am very jealous about. Whenever I walk into boots the amount of spot treatments always overwhelms me so I decided to talk about a few that I've tried out recently. 

Tea Tree Oil:
This is such a classic when it comes to spot treatments. It does tend to dry out the surrounding skin. It definitely does work but I don't recommending putting on a big surface area. 

This is the all rounder product. Every irish mammy always counts on this product and it sure is a good one. This fights the spot without drying out the skin around it and even though you look like a ghost when you have it on it is definitely my favourite treatment. 

Neutrogena Rapid Clear Treatment
This is a great treatment for during the day. It's completely clear and doesn't have a weird texture so it is completely undetectable on your face. It's perfect as a light everyday spot treatment to reduce the redness and size of the breakout. 

Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Night Treatment Gel: 
This is the middle of the ground treatment for me. It works well at reducing the breakout, it doesn't dry out the skin too much and it's not too visible when you apply it which is always handy when it comes to snapchat! 

So there are a few of my favourite treatments. I hope this helps when it comes to the overwhelming amount of spot treatments in the aisles of boots. 

Toodle pip 
Ailbhe x

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