Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Handbag Essentials

First of all I need to apologize for my lack of blogposts recently. I have as I thought been publishing a post every Friday but I've realized that my blogger app has been publishing my posts when they're still drafts so my blogging routine is kind of up in the air at the moment. I think I have fixed the problem and hope it won't happen again but for now here's my handbag essentials. 

We all know that sometimes the clutter in our bags can get out of hand. Or else you have things in there that you 'might need' but never do. So let's all start the year with cleaned out uncluttered bags, these are my handbag essentials. 

First of all this is my bag. I got it in primark last year and I love it to bits. It's a bucket style brown bag with small handles and also a shoulder strap. 

These are the basic must haves. A purse with money, bank cards and loyalty cards that you use. A phone of course is a necessity. Earphones can always come in handy when you're about and about so throw them into you're bag too.

These are my beauty essentials.
A comb can do everything, tease flat hair, smooth unruly hair, untangle knotty hair. It's quite small and compact which is also great. Hand Cream is always useful especially in the cold winter months. Using a body lotion or butter as hand cream means that if your arms etc are dry you can use the same product instead of having two bottles in your bag taking up more space. Perfume isn't that much of an essential but it's nice to smell nice. The perfume you put on in the morning could have worn off or maybe you just forgot to put on perfume that day. Solid perfumes or rollerballs are nice and compact for your beauty bag. Deodorant is fairly self explanatory. A travel sized one is always great to have. I always have to have lip balm with me wherever I go it's definitely an essential. Sometimes you'll just want to throw your hair up or pull it back from your face so a few bobbie pins with a hair bobble wrapped around them comes in very handy. 

I always need to have a pen and a notebook with me, to jot down ideas or write down notes to myself. I know you can do it on your phone but I prefer to physically write it all down. 
Tissues always come in handy and someone always needs one. I think it's good to have chewing gum as well as mints because you might not be able to spit your chewing gum out but you still want fresh breath. 

What are you're handbag essentials?
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Ailbhe x



  1. In love with that bag!! And is that one of Lush's solid perfumes I spy? I always wanted to try those out!

    I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award over on my blog!

    1. Ah Laura! It is indeed you have to try one they're sooo nice! Just had a little stalk of your blog it's absolutely fab, thank you for nominating me <3