Friday, 13 March 2015

3 Easy & Quick Hairstyles

We all get stuck in a hair rut at some stage, and we need some inspiration to refresh our love for hair styling. I rarely use heat on my hair, I find my hair is healthier and softer if I don't so on an everyday basis I do no heat hairstyles. Here are some of my favourites that all take under five minutes to do. 

The Snake Braid Low Bun 
This style is so easy to dress up or down and looks really impressive.
 Im going to start off with a middle part and two sections on either side of the part. I plaited both sections and put a bobby pin at either end to keep the plaits from unravelling. 

Sweeping the remaining hair to the back of my head I'm going to tease a couple of sections to create some volume and texture. 

I'm securing the hair into a low ponytail at the nape of my neck, then twisting the ponytail around itself creating a bun.

I secured the bun with a hairbobble and a couple of bobby pins. 

Taking out the bobby pins at the end of the plaits is going to create snake braids by taking the middle section and pulling the two side sections up to the top of the braid. I'm going to loosen it slightly and pin it to the back of my head, repeating on the other side. 

I loosened everything and pulled out some face framing pieces. Then finished with some Fudge Urban hairspray, 

The Messy Dutch Braid 
This is a twist on the classic French braid. Instead of lying against your head the braid creates a 3D effect and sits on top of the hair.
It's really important to have no tangles or knots in your hair for this style so make sure to give it a good brush before you start. 
I like to add some Batiste dry shampoo to add texture and I usually do this style on second day hair.

I'm going to take a small section on the very top of my head and divide it into three sections.

For a regular French braid you would pass the sections under each other but for the Dutch braid you're going to twist the hair over the other sections, basically the opposite to the regular French braid. It takes a while to get used to and could be confusing at the start but I promise you it's not as hard as it looks! 

Once you do a turn of the plait passing the sections over each other in adding a section of hair into all of the sections, you then continue this process until you run out of hair. 

Once I reach the nape of my neck I'm finishing with a regular braid until I  reach the end of the hair. 

I pulled out some face framing layers and messed it up a bit.

My braid looks really big and messy because I have really thick hair and layers. It's up to you whether you want a neat or messy look. 

The Hairband Curls
I do this to my hair every single time I wash my hair. It creates a sleek style and calms frizz. 
I start by towel drying my hair and leave it dry by itself (in the winter it needs some help drying so I'll use a hairdryer). Once my hair is nearly fully dry I'll put a stretchy hair band over my head.

I take a section of hair and wrap it under the hairband. I take another section and do the same. I continue this process around my whole head. If there is no room on the hairband I'll tuck the hair inside the band instead of pulling it through. 

I leave this on for as long as I can, the longer it's on the tighter the curls. It's really easy to create waves and curls with this no heat method. 

When I take down the hair I run my fingers through the hair and add some Garnier Ultimate Blends oil to add shine and smooth any remaining frizz. 

I hope this has given ye some hairstyle inspiration as we're coming into spring and summer. 
Toodle pip
Ailbhe x

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