Friday, 15 May 2015

Braided Hairstyles

Coming into summer and festival season braided hairstyles are all the rage. They're a great way to get your hair out of your face but still look interesting and fun. Today I'm going to show you my three favourite braided hairstyles. 

Ponytail Plait

This is simplest of the three styles. I started by prepping my hair with some 
Colab Dry Shampoo, I love doing this hairstyle on second day hair. 
The dry shampoo soaks up the grease and adds extra volume. 


I then pulled back my hair into a medium high ponytail. I braided the length 
of the ponytail and secured it with a hair bobble. 

After pulling out some face framing pieces we're done! A preppy
 ponytail plait perfect for any casual summer day.


Double Dutch

After I sprayed some of Lush's Sea Salt Spray into the lengths of my hair I 
divided my hair in two sections. 

I then began to Dutch braid one section at a time. Although it is similar to a 
French braid instead of tucking the hair under you are going to
 twist the sections over each other. There are so many fab tutorials on 
YouTube to show you how to do this in more detail. 

Once I reached the nape of my neck and ran out of hair to add I 
finished off by braiding the rest of the the hair normally and securing 
both plaits with a hair bobble. I pulled out some face framing pieces
 and voila, our double Dutch braids 

Milkmaid Braids

To start the milkmaid braids I divided my hair into two sections,
 like we did for the double Dutch braids. I then plaited both sections
 but as I was plaiting the sections I pulled the hair to the opposite side 
of my head so when I pin them in place they will lie flat on my head.

I secured both plaits with a hair bobble and then I placed them 
one at a time on top of my head and secured them in place 
with lots of bobby pins.


After pulling out some pieces to frame my face I finished off the look
 with some Fudge Urban hairspray to lock everything into place. 

 What are your favourite braided hairstyles?
Ailbhe x 



  1. This makes me wish my hair were long again! Super cute!

    1. Thank you Katelyn! I'd never be able to cut my hair!