Friday, 31 July 2015

A Lush Haul

If anyone knows me they know that I am obsessed with Lush! I always go in and pick up something new to try but I never buy several things at once, but on my recent trip there I did. On my usual browse around my local Lush in Cork (by the way the staff are so lovely and helpful in there) I realised that I really wanted to try a lot of new products out so I decided to go mad and pick up a few bits. 

Eau Roma Toner Water
This is the first thing that I picked up. I was advised to pick up this toner in particular because of the rose and calming lavender essential oils. Although I do suffer from having spots I have realised that my skin is more sensitive than I think. I have been using this toner for about a week now and I absolutely love it! It has a really soothing scent and sinks into the skin really easily, I highly recommend it.

Mask Of Magnaminty
I have used and loved this mask for almost a year now, and I had recently run out so I decided to pick up the big tub since myself and my brothers go through it pretty quickly. Its refreshing peppermint scent is so calming while the mask deeply cleanses without stripping the skin, which is what I love so much about this mask. Its perfect for a pamper session or even just a quick skin fix.  

Cosmetic Lad Moisturiser 
I got a sample of this moisturiser and I had to go back and get the full size. Although it is aimed at lads (which I find hard to believe because its so great, ladies ye're missing out!) I still love it. Like the toner, it contains calming ingredients like lavender and camomile. The cocoa butter lightly moisturises the skin without overloading it which is what I love. I was on the hunt for a lightweight moisturiser that actually moisturises and I have found the perfect one. 

Million Dollar Moisturiser  
The lady helping me out was so kind and gave me a sample of this moisturiser. Although it is a very heavy moisturiser and I wouldn't use it all over my face, I have been using it on the high points of my face under makeup to give a lovely healthy glow. It has an spf of 30 which is and added bonus and it smells like the typical 'Lush' scent, which is gorgeous! I'm going to enjoy the sample that I have but I don't think I would purchase the full size just because it is so expensive!

Have you bought any Lush products recently?
Ailbhe x


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