Friday, 28 August 2015

Dragons Egg

Being such a Lush fan in our house, the fact that we don't have a bath, is devastating. But when we were visiting Dublin this week there was a bath in the hotel so you can imagine my excitement trying to pick out my first ever Lush bath bomb. After at least twenty minutes wondering which one to choose I picked out 'Dragons Egg', a citrusy scented bomb. 

This bath bomb is filled with lemon oil, bergamot oil and jasmine absolute to invigorate and wake you up. It basically feels like you're in a bath of lemon sherbet! Inside the bomb there are a few surprises, popping candy, confetti and lots and lots of gold glitter. I would definitely recommend this bath bomb, especially if you're a fan of the Happy Hippy shower gel or 
the Bohemian soap from Lush. 

What's your favourite Lush bath bomb?
Ailbhe x


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