Friday, 25 September 2015

Current Favourites

Hey Guys! It has been absolutely ages since I did a favourites post. I used always do a monthly favourites at the end of each month but, I stopped because I felt that at the end of a month all you see are favourites posts and videos everywhere. So I decided to tell ye today about the products that I have been loving lately. 

  No7 Cocooning Body Balm
My mom got this as a present and of course I stole it! I didn't think much of this before I tried it. It smells like baby wipes but in a good clean, fresh kind of way. It moisturises my skin so well and isn't sticky and sinks in quickly. I have nearly run out of it which makes me so sad! I would definitely repurchase this but it is quite expensive for a body butter so I will repurchase it eventually, but not right now.

Zoella Lets Spritz
I was really surprised to see Zoellas new beauty range in Pennys. I decided to pick up the body spray as I loved the last one so much. The packaging is gorgeous and it smells devine. It's so fresh and a bit floral and fruity, it's the perfect all rounder fragrance. I love this for school and times where I don't want to put a heavy perfume on, I'll choose this light body spray instead. 

Lacura Multi Intensive Aqua Complete Serum
If you follow my twitter you would have seen that I picked up this serum in Aldi. It's supposed to be a Vichy dupe so I was very excited to get it. I have fallen in love with this serum, I have never used a serum before so I was petrified that it would break me out but it didn't at all. It moisturises the skin lightly and sinks into the skin really quickly. I apply it after my toner and before my moisturiser, it's become a solid staple in my skincare routine. 

Seventeen - Wow 3in1Highlighter 
I used always be a matte finish to the skin kinda gal, but this summer things have changed. I love this product as you can use it as a primer, highlighter or add it to your foundation. It isn't full of glitter and it applies onto the skin really smoothly. It adds a gorgeous glow and radiance to the skin without it looking glittery and oily which is what I love about it.

L'oreal - Infallible Eyeshadow - Amber Rush
My brother picked this up for me in America, (click here to see my haul) and I have been wearing it ever since. It's a gorgeous rose gold, bronze pigment that has a gorgeous shimmery metallic look. It adds so much depth and dimension to the eyes, I have been loving it! 

Benefit They're Real Mascara - Brown
My friends kindly bought me this as a present during the summer and I absolutely  love it. I think it is limited edition so run to your local Benefit counter and pick it up. Although it is expensive for a mascara it is so worth it, and it kind of does look like you are wearing false lashes. The brown colour is a perfect dark brown which doesn't look as harsh against my pale skin. I love this mascara and would definitely repurchase it. 

Real Techniques - Sculpting Set
During the summer I found out that there is a Superdrug in Limerick, which of course I was delighted about! I finally got my hands on this brush set as they aren't available in Boots. In the set there is the setting brush, fan brush and the sculpting brush. I was unsure if I would use all of the brushes but I constantly reach for all three. The duo fibre bristles are really easy to clean and the metallic pink handles are gorgeous!

What have you been loving lately?
Ailbhe x


  1. Love real techniques brushes :) I want to try that Infalliable shadow!! Also, where'd you get those adorable copper heart fairy lights? <3

    1. I am so so sorry that I'm replying so late! The shadow is amazing you really need to try it. I would pick up more colours if you could get them over here! I got the fairy lights in Penneys which is the Irish version of Primark.