Friday, 30 October 2015

The Natural Way To Contour

Hey guys! Today I am going to share with you the way I like to naturally contour. I prefer to leave heavy contouring to when I'm going out in the evening, but I still like to add some definition to my face during the day. I'm going to show you how I do it, so let's get started!

 Mac Studio Finish Concealer - NW15
Seventeen Wow! 3 Way Highlighter
Rimmel Radiance BB Cream - Very Light
Sleek Face Form - Fair
Essence Make Me Brow - Blondy Brows
Maybeline Brow Satin Pencil - Dark Blonde
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion 
Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette
Benefit They're Real Mascara - Brown
BarryM Jelly Hi Shine Lips - Orion 

  To start off I primed my face with a radiant glowy primer to give my skin a dewy look. I concealed under my eyes and any imperfections with a cream concealer. I put this on under my bb cream so it lasts longer and blends easier into the skin. Using the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush I buffed the bb cream into my skin to create a flawless yet natural base. 

 Let's get to the part ye have all been waiting for, the contouring! Using a Real Techniques Sculpting Brush I went around my face in a '3E' shape to carve out my cheek bones and add definition. Don't worry this will look harsh when you apply it. After applying the contour shade I used my foundation brush again to blend everything out. Blending is really your best friend when it comes to natural contouring. With the Real Techniques Fan Brush I applied the shimmery highlight shade from the palette on to the high points of my face, my cheekbones, cupid's bow and nose.

 To add some definition to my brows I combed through my favourite tinted brow gel of the moment and followed that with a creamy pencil to further define them. 

 To start the eyes I went in with a skin coloured primer to make sure the eyeshadows stick and last all day. I used a Real Techniques Duo Fibre Eye Brush to create definition in my crease. I used the shade 'Naked 2' from the eyeshadow palette to do this. I used wind wiper motions to disperse the colour into my crease. Next using the same brush I added a darker brown 'Faint' into my outer corner to add some more depth to the eyes. Using a Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush I made sure to blend everything out so there would be no harsh lines.  

 To brighten up the look I placed 'Foxy' and 'Walk Of Shame' all over my lid with the Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush'. Using the shade 'Venus' I applied that into my inner corners using the same brush. To add some definition to the lash line I used the two darkest colours in the palette 'Faint' and 'Crave' on a H&M angled eyeliner brush. I pushed the colour into my lash line to make sure it wasn't harsh looking. As I said before, blending is your best friend so I took the same brush from earlier and blended everything together. 

 I added the finishing touches by coating my upper and lower lashes with mascara and smoothing a shiny gloss stick over my lips to add some colour.

And we're done! A natural yet contoured face. The perfect way to add some definition to your face without looking over done or caked in makeup.  

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, hopefully there will be lots more tutorials coming soon,
Ailbhe x


  1. Beautiful look, so natural yet chisled :)

    1. Thanks Katelyn! That was exactly what I was aiming for.