Friday, 20 November 2015

Hairway To Heaven

 Now that I have shorter hair I have been experimenting with different products and styles. When I was in Sam Mac Cauleys a few weeks ago I saw some Schwarzkopf got2b products that I have never seen before so I decided to pick them up and give them a go.
 I love shopping in Sam Mac Cauleys for beauty products because they always have something reduced. The only thing they're missing is a loyalty card or points system but sher you can't have everything!
I picked up a styling treatment and sea salt spray and I have been trying them out for a couple of weeks now so I decided to share my opinions with you.

Schwarzkopf Got2b 10in1 Styling Treatment
 I have never seen anything like this before, it's meant to do everything you could want. It directs you to use 2 to 6 pumps on damp hair and blow dry to achieve the desired look. When I first applied I used 4 pumps and it was way too much, I could still feel the product after I dried my hair. Now I use 2 pumps and blow dry my hair straight and it works wonderfully. First of all the mousse type product smells amazing! It eliminates the frizz and wave in my hair which is perfect when I want to leave my hair straight. It adds shine and smooths the hair which leaves it soft and straight. I love using this product to style my hair. It's so quick and easy and it was under five euro!

Schwarzkopf Got2b Beach Matt Texturising Salt Spray
I have used a sea salt spray before but it left my hair feeling dry and crisp. I was afraid that was going to happen with this but I'm glad to say it didn't! Once again this product smells incredible. It sprays out really evenly onto the hair which is great. I spray it onto dry hair to create some texture and wave and that's exactly what it does. It doesn't leave my hair feeling hard or knotty but it still adds a good amount of texture. Again this was under five euro which is such good value for an amazing product. 

I got on really well with these products and I am definitely going to try more products from this range in the future! If you have any blogpost requests I'd love to hear from you either in the comments below or on my Twitter or Instagram.
Ailbhe x 



  1. I love your hair shorter Ailbhe- it really suits you well :) I found as soon as I cut off my hair I immediately felt more sophisticated ^.^

    1. Thanks Kateln thats so nice of you! its so more manageable but its so much harder to style, any tips?