Friday, 13 November 2015

Things To Do To Cheer You Up

If you don't already know I'm in sixth year and being in sixth year means a lot of stress and pressure, and possibly feeling down in the dumps. Today I have decided to share with you five things that  cheer me up, I think it could help some people who are feeling the stress and need a pick me up to help get them through the year. Or maybe you're just reading this and having a bad day and need help cheering yourself up.

The first thing that I think is really important is to relax. You could use a meditation app to do this or go colouring. I love using the colouring for mindfulness books. These things completely calm you down and chill you out which is the perfect thing to do when you need cheering up. 

Clear Your Head
Get on your walking shoes and get outside into the fresh air. Whether you're walking with someone or your dog or blasting upbeat music into your ears, getting out into the fresh air really helps. You'll feel calm and refreshed afterwards which will definitely cheer you up.

Keep Busy
When you're upset all you want to do is curl into a ball and cry but we can't leave that happen! So get up and get busy. Do something you love to keep your mind occupied whether that's watching Netflix or reading. Maybe add some chocolate into the mix because we all know 
chocolate makes everything better.

Go to a sibling or family member and just talk to them. Human contact instantly lifts you mood. Even messaging one of your friends or ringing them for a chat will help. Everyone knows how it feels to be upset so they'll help you get out of your funk. Even a silly snapchat or two can
 really lift and brighten your mood.

I find showers so relaxing and uplifting. I guarantee that after a shower or a bath  you will feel fresh and happier that you did when you entered the bathroom. And if you don't, use another one of my five tips! Use some glorious scented products and wrap yourself in a fluffy warm towel afterwards and I promise you will feel better. 

I hope that this has helped anyone who is feeling down and stressed. What cheers you up?
Ailbhe x

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