Friday, 26 February 2016

Naked Palette Review And Tutorial

 I recently did a Twitter poll wondering what your favourite type of blogpost was and I must say I was quite surprised when  I found out that the most voted for was makeup reviews and tutorials.  So I am mixing the two together today. I'm going to share my thoughts and opinions on the infamous Urban Decay Naked Palette. Then I am going to show you my favourite look I like to create with it. 


There are so many dupes for all of the Naked palettes at this stage and I have tried out a good few myself. Although some were really creamy they might not have had the best pigmentation, while others had great pigmentation they were not easy to blend. I have been thinking about getting the original Naked Palette for ages and I decided to finally bite the bullet and try it out.
 I am incredibly glad I did.

My brother kindly got me the palette for my birthday. It is quite pricey in comparison to the other palettes I own and have used but it is well worth it. The shadows are both pigmented and super easy to blend which I think is hard to find in any budget beauty palette. Some of the cheaper alternatives also didn't have the basic colours like a matte crease shade, a shade to highlight with, so they didn't have the perfect range of colours.

As I tend to only wear warm toned neutral colure on my eyes I have gotten so much use out of this palette already. You have your must have matte crease colours, lots of gorgeous shimmery shades that are perfect for the lid and also some deep dark browns to use as liner or to create a smokey look. 

Overall I definitely think this palette is worth the hype. Although there are lots of dupes out there if you love your neutral shades and easy to blend shadows this is
 one hundred percent worth the price tag. 

Let's get into the tutorial part of the post. I love using the lighter shades
 to create an easy, flattering neutral eye.
I started off as I always do by using Urban Decay's Primer Potion so the shadows have something to stick to. I picked up 'Naked' on a duo fibre brush and swept this into
 my crease to create some definition. 

I then went into 'Buck' and used a denser brush to place this in the outer corner 
and blended it slightly into the crease to create a slight cat eye shape.

After that I used a smudged brush to place 'Naked' and 'Buck' on my lower lash line.

I packed on a mixture of "Sidecar' and 'Sin' onto my crease and focused most 
of the colour on the centre of my lid. 

To highlight my inner corner I used the same brush as before with 'Virgin' to 
open up and brighten my eyes. I finished off by taking a big fluffy brush and 
blended everything together to make sure there we no harsh lines.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What's your go to eyeshadow look?
Ailbhe x 


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