Friday, 15 April 2016

Life Doesn't Have A Filter

Today I am going to share why I don't edit my blog photos.
 Before I get started I just want to say that these are just my personal opinions. I am not giving out to bloggers who edit their photos or don't edit them. Everyone is allowed the freedom of creativity and do whatever they like. 
As they say, you do you.

My blog is an extension of my thoughts and feelings. Usually it's all about beauty and fashion but sometimes I like to add a bit of personal things and especially things I feel strongly about. I love social media and use it on a daily basis, but one thing that is really annoying is when people think people have a perfect life just because their photos are bright and colourful, and filtered. I'm a person who loves natural, natural makeup, natural looking photos, enhancing natural beauty.

This also goes with my blog photography. I like to use the natural beauty of things and try to make them look amazing, without added artificiality. 
Natural light is the only editing tool I use. I shoot outside or in front of a big window to naturally create bright, clear and crisp photos . I never want my photos to look perfect. I want to show the products I use in a natural way. 
That is just my personal preference.

When I am reading other blogposts and I see the gorgeous photography I think to myself, I want my makeup table to look like that, or I wish my breakfast looked so bright and colourful. I want my life to look as nice as blog pictures do. But life dosen't have a filter. My breakfast is never going to look as airbrushed as the one I saw on Instagram. The makeup I use and take photos of is never going to look perfect. This whole idea of perfection all around social media and Instagram also translates on blogs. I never want people to read my blog and look at my photos and think, I wish my this that and the other looked like that. I don't want to edit my photos to look perfect because they're not, and real life doesn't have a filter.

I want to take pictures of my life, my life isn't perfect and my photography skills aren't perfect and don't always look amazing. But I want to share my organic and untouched life, and I do that with my own unedited photography. I want to show you how my makeup looks in natural light, I want to share how my room looks without putting filters over the photos to make everything look pretty, because it looks pretty and I love the way it looks in the first place!

Before you all go mad and tell me that I edit my Instagrams and that I am contradicting what I think on this subject, I promise you I'm not. The only thing I do to my Instagram photos is enhance them lightly. Just so that they dont look so dull and grey against the rest of the 'perfect pictures'.

I feel pressure to make my photos look nice and almost make my life 'Instagramable'. So instead of feeling like I have to make everything look perfect I decide to show my life the way it looks through my own eyes. No filters no editing, just the way it looks if you were next to me looking at the same things.
My blog is where I share my life with people all around the world. I try my best to make it look like you are sitting with me looking at the same things that I see through my own eyes. I want to share my own not-so-perfect looking life. 

Again these are just my opinions and everyone is entitled to do, say and think whatever they want. My blog is my platform to voice my opinions and share my thoughts. I hope this post helped you understand why I don't edit my blog photos and maybe made you think about the way your photos portray your life. 

No one's photos or life have to look perfect because life dosen't have a filter.
Ailbhe x 


  1. Nice post! It is so interesting to see reasons why/why not use photo editing. Personally I use photo editing because natural light normally doesn't work in my favour but it is ever blogger to their own.

    1. Thank you Roisin! I think its so important to respect and embrace other peoples opinions and then voice your own. So excited to do more posts like this when I'm finished school!
      Ailbhe x

  2. Lovely post, Ailbhe! I definitely struggle when it comes to not using a filter. I love brightening the photo and messing around with different editing tools. Love that you support this! Looking forward to future posts! XX

    1. Thank you gal! Hopefully there will be more posts like this one when I'm finished school.
      Ailbhe x