Friday, 10 June 2016

Black White Denim

If you follow me on snapchat (ailbhe_woods), you would have seen that I graduated from secondary school last month. Because my exams are in June I have only gotten around to sharing my outfit with you now, I hope you don't mind! This will change once I'm free of exams and study at the end of June!

So as I said, it was my graduation a couple of weeks ago. After the actual graduation everyone gets dressed up and goes out for the night. It took me ages to decide what to wear but a few days beforehand I finally made my mind up. I went for a more casual look as I didn't want to be too formal, but at the same time not too casual.

I paired a simple denim pinafore with a classic white shirt. These pieces contrast really well as they are both neutrals, one dressy, one laid-back. I wore my go-to black strappy heels that are actually surprisingly comfortable and I'm able to last in them most of the night. To bring everything together I used my black clutch that has a lovely tassel detail.

I kept my hair and makeup quite simple, the way I would usually wear it. I went for neutral, defined makeup with my everyday curls.

I know this outfit is different to my usual casual outfits, I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless.
Ailbhe x 



  1. I love your outfit! Especially since it was for your Grad Night. I hope you had a good night and your exams are going well.

    1. Thank you so much Rósín! It always makes my day see in your comments. I didn't want to wear something really dressy because thats not me and my style. Its good to show that you don't have to wear a tight dress and chunky heels on a night out. Exams are almost done, just music left so I can not wait to start blogging again!
      Ailbhe x