Friday, 3 June 2016

Hair We Go Again

Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed my punny title! Today I am going to share with you how I have been doing my hair recently. I always seem to get complimented when I wear my hair like this so I decided to show you how I do these styles. So without further ado lets get started!

Dutch Braid & Low Bun
So the first hairstyle is a Dutch braid into a low bun. I love doing this when my hair is greasy as it holds the style better and distracts from my greasy roots! I looks more complicated than it actually is but once you get the hang of it, it's quick and easy.

So as I said before I start with dirty hair, feel free to spritz some dry shampoo in your roots if you wish. I picked up three sections of hair and my crown and began dutch braiding. It's basically an inverted french plait so instead of tucking the hair under, you're twisting it over. 
I kept going down to the nape of neck, adding hair to the three sections as I go. 
I then twisted the remanding hair and wrapped it around itself to form a bun.
 I secured everything in place with a hair bobble and bobby pins. To finish it off 
 I loosened everything and pulled out some pieces around my face.  

 Hairband Curls
My friend Meadbh actually requested that I show her how I curl my hair so I decided to show you in this post! I started with freshly washed and dried hair. I scrunched some mousse into the lengths of my hair, so the curls have something to hold onto. I then placed a hairband over my head, split my hair into two sections and started twisting the hair under the band.  
To do this I picked up a section of hair, lifted it up and under the hair bad. I then picked up another section and did the same, twisting it up and under the band. I kept doing this until I ran out of hair. 
After making sure everything was secure I blasted my hair with a hairdryer to set the curls in place.
 I usually sleep on my hair like this as my hair doesn't hold a curl very well but you could leave your hair like this for an hour or overnight, it really depends on your hair and how tight you want the curls. It definitely takes a few tries to get the hang of this technique but it is definitely worth giving it a go!  

Half Up Braided Bun 
This is my favourite way to lave my hair down but it not being in my face, especially for school. I started by grabbing the top section of my hair and separating it into three pieces. I simply plaited this section of hair and secured it with a clear elastic.
I then pulled it apart a bit and twisted it around itself to create a bun. I secured it with a hair bobble and added some bobby pins. 
This hairstyle comes out different every time, sometimes it looks messy and boho and other times it looks pretty and structured, that's what I love about this style. (Basically my excuse for it not looking so great in these pictures!)

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost. What is your favourite hairstyle at the moment?
Ailbhe x 


  1. Nice post! I am terrible at doing hairstyles, I stick to my very boring 5 hairstyles. I love the Dutch braid even though I haven't mastered it yet.

    1. Everything takes practice, it took me ages to learn how to do these! There are some great tutorials on YouTube that are really easy to follow. (apologies for the late reply I'm in the middle of exams) Ailbhe x