Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Being A Tourist In Your Own Country

Ireland seems to attract lots of tourists. Maybe it's because they want to see leprechauns or our Irish charm is too good, but they also come to see the many amazing places that we call home. If you think about it, did you ever go and see the sights that tourists come to see or do the things they travel across the world to do? I personally haven't seen and done all the things that Ireland is popular for.

Recently my brother's German friend came to stay with us for a week and it really made me think about my county and country in a different way. Passing UCC is a normal thing to me, and a trip to Dublin doesn't include visiting the places that tourists love. I had to try and put myself in the shoes of a tourist, what would they want to see? Where would they eat? What things make Ireland so magical?

Because of Niklas' visit of course we took him around to see the sights. My brother Darragh took him around Cork to see things like Shandon and Fitzgerald's Park. We decided to take a day trip to Dublin and of course I had to bring my camera and take some photos. 

Trinity College
This was one of the things Niklas wanted to see when we went to Dublin. I remember strolling around the college grounds when I was younger but I completely forgot how stunning it is. The architecture is incredible and when it's sunny it adds to the atmosphere around the college. We would have sat down to take in the sights around us but unfortunately it started raining (of course it did, we are in Ireland) so we moved onto our next stop. 
I think every single Irish student has heard all about the General Post Office on O'Connell street as it is 100 years since everything happened there in 1916. I dont think I was ever in the actual post office. We had a stroll around the working post office and then went into the exhibition (it was €7.50 for a student to get in, which isn't too expensive at all). The actually exhibition was really good. I'm not really into Irish history but seeing all the artefacts and learning things that I never knew was really interesting. Since we hear so much about it I was so glad we visited it and saw the exhibition. 
Dublin Castle
I actually thought this was just a little castle and that it, but if you go through the arches there is a great courtyard that's lined with different countries' flags. This is where I shot my last outfit post, check it out here. We didn't go into the castle itself but strolling in the courtyard was fab. If you're like me and like seeing beautiful architecture then you should really go and check it out.  
Guinness Storehouse
Even though we were too late for any tour of the storehouse we still stopped off and took some pictures at the famous Guinness gates that you see in all of the ads. I personally hate the taste of beer but apparently Guinness tastes better in Ireland. So if you love beer or just want to see the famous gate or some of the behind the scenes I would definitely head to the Guinness Storehouse. 
O'Connell Street
This was our first stop on our trip around Dublin. Niklas asked us what the needle represented or why it was there. Our answer to that was that it's called The Spire and it's just a big pole, as I said before I don't know a lot about Irish history. I would highly recommend you walk over the bridge from O'Connell street to Grafton street, the view down the river is amazing and it makes great place for photos. Even strolling down O'Connell street you can hear so many different languages from different nationalities. It's such a picturesque street and is fab for strolling down. 
Temple Bar
I was only in Temple bar once so this was my second visit. I really want to go there some evening for dinner and drinks, I'd say it would be buzzing. The cobbled streets are gorgeous and there are so many places to eat and drink there. If you wander around the surrounding side streets you will come across some cool cafes and one off boutiques. I really want to get lost in the Temple Bar area the next time I visit the capital (well, not actually get lost but just go for a wander!)
The next time you feel bored grab a camera and some friends and be a tourist in your own country
Ailbhe x 


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