Friday, 8 July 2016

Holiday Beauty Bag

If you don't follow me on social you wouldn't know that I am currently in Italy. I'm writing this beforehand so there will still be posts going up while I'm away. I hope I have wifi and be able to update ye on snapchat, so make sure you're following me over there (@ailbhe_woods) to see what I'm getting up to.

Today I'm going to talk all about what I'm taking in my holiday beauty bag. If you are someone who just uses shampoo, conditioner and moisturiser you will think this is very excessive! But for all my other beauty lovers you know the struggle of trying to pack for a holiday, wanting to take everything you use on a weekly basis but not being able to fit it all into a small suitcase (well you could if you just wanted to bring products on holiday!).

You could get all those tiny bottles and tubs, I personally don't like them because the bottles don't have enough product in them for a week and everything looks the same in the bottles so you could end up using body lotion as shampoo. Thats what I'm here to help you with today. Three words, mini, multitask and compact.
To start the packing I write a list of everything I use. So pretend you have makeup on, you go into the shower, then wash and dry your hair. So I think, I need to take my makeup off, wash myself and my hair, and then my skincare routine and how I style my hair.
This is the time to go to Boots and use the 3 for 2 offer on miniature things. It's also the time to take out that beauty set you got at Christmas with the little shower gel. If you can't find a mini of your favourite product then use the tubs you have lying in your bathroom. And all those samples that you never use? Throw them in too. These are the full size products that I'm going to decant into some empty Lush pots and some tiny round tubs.
Now that you have a huge pile of products, try to think of anything that you might need that isn't in your usual routine. I'll be in Italy so that means I will need suncream and a razor. To be very prepared when it comes to beauty supplies, think of the 'what if' questions. I managed to fit all of these products into a medium sized makeup bag which is very good considering I'm bringing half of Boots with me!


Makeup is a bit easier, because you don't need to worry about 'what will I need when I shower' and all of those things we had to think about earlier. Just make sure you have something to take it off with, that is so important. People might think about skincare and makeup but what about the skincare to remove the makeup? 
I just kept it to the basics as I won't be wearing makeup everyday while I'm there anyway. Where you are travelling will probably have a different climate so make sure if it's hot that you have a primer to make sure your makeup just doesn't melt off your fave. A mattifying powder is also going to help that. For eyes I would suggest long wearing, cream, and waterproof products. Then they won't melt off in the heat, feel heavy, or just drip off your face. 
Palettes are a great option as they are compact and they have everything you need in one place. I'm bringing my Sleek Face Form palette with me. I just went with my usual base routine, and my go to eyebrow product. For eyes I'm bring the basics, mascara and liner. Then I am also bring two cream shadows that can be used together, on their own or even with my face palette to create different looks. Because I dont' think I will be wearing makeup that often, I'm only bringing one lip combo, a liner and lipstick. 
When it comes to brushes, make sure you have a brush for each step of your routine, so you're not left trying to fill in your eyebrows with your fingers. Next think of what brush can work for two or three steps. For example I'm taking my Real Techniques Blush Brush for powder, bronzer and blush. If you use your brush to multitask, you will save space, so you can pack more makeup!
I fit everything into a small clear makeup bag that is perfect as it fits everything and my brushes aren't being squashed. 

Do you have any products that you couldn't go on holiday without? Let me know in the comments,
Ailbhe x

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