Friday, 29 July 2016

The Book Everyone Needs To Read

This isn't my usual blogpost topic and I never thought I would be writing about books on here but nothing happens inside your comfort zone! During the past year I haven't been reading as much as I was years ago because of the Leaving Cert. One of my goals over the summer was to get back into reading, and I definitely have fallen back in love with it!

I eased myself in with a book that I have been wanting to read for ages, Me and My Mate Jeffrey by Niall Breslin. Bressie is a well known musician and celebrity in the Irish media. Ever since I heard the amazing things about the book he wrote, I knew I had to read it.

Everyone should read this book, whether you are suffering from a mental illness yourself or one of your loved ones are, or even if you just want to widen your life knowledge. I highly recommend that everyone should read thus book, not only to hear about Bressie's personal story but also to listen to his hopes for our future society. 
Bressie is someone who I really admire and look up to. He is doing his bit to try and change the things that need changing in the society we live in today. He has started to dissolve the walls people put up around mental illness, breaking the stigma that surrounds mental health. 

Because I suffer from depression myself, reading this book honestly filled me with joy, knowing that I am certainly not alone in the way I feel. My mom also read this book and it helped her to comprehend what exactly is going on in my head and how she can help me when I need someone to comfort me. 
As I said before I honestly think everyone should read this book, whether you enjoy reading or not,  to educate yourself in mental illness and know how to talk to and help someone that is suffering mentally.

This book isn't a science encyclopaedia which is what usually pops up when you try to learn about mental illness on the Internet. Bressie narrates his own personal story in an easy to understand way. I think that this book could really comfort people who are suffering, it could help people who don't know how to help their loved ones, and it could educate people about mental illness.
I'll be back to my beauty posts on Friday don't worry!
Are there any other books that you think everyone needs to read?
Ailbhe x 



  1. Lovely post! Going to add this book to my 'To Read' list. A really good book that is also by an Irish author is Vendetta by Catherine Doyle. i love the book as it is YA fiction.

    1. Thank you Róisín! I'll definitely have to give that a read, thanks for the recommendation,
      Ailbhe x