Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Ireland's Own

I wasn't sure whether I should publish this post or not but my Snapchat followers were interested in seeing these Irish skincare products, so that's what I'm talking about today! One day I was in Aldi doing some food shopping and of course I found some beauty products. I found a face mask and hand cream both from Irish companies and they are amazing so I had to talk about them as I haven't heard any other bloggers talking about them.

Lé Mara Face Mask - €4.99
This is the first product I picked up when I was in Aldi. As soon as I saw that it had clay in it I wanted to try it out, it contains organic seaweed extract and natural clay which intensely cleanses the skin. It does exactly what it says on the tin, it's deep cleansing but is gentle which is perfect for sensitive spot-prone skin. It is a creamy green mask that has a lovely natural fresh scent that isn't too overpowering. Because it doesn't have any little particles in it that would scrub the skin it is perfect and non-abrasive for all skin types. If you feel the need to exfoliate and don't think the mask does the job by itself then you can always remove it with a wet flannel. 
I love using this mask when my skin is breaking out but feels sensitive. It dries really quickly and can be easily removed. I really love this mask and highly recommend you check it out as good affordable face masks can be hard to find. The organic seaweed in this mask is harvested in the west of Ireland and the product itself is manufactured in Galway. 
Nadúr Skincare Shea Butter Hand Cream - Jasmine & Vanilla - €2.50
Although affordable face masks that actually work are hard to find, hand creams that are not too expensive are fairly easy to come across. This one however feels much more expensive then it actually was. There were two scents to choose from and I chose the Jasmine and Vanilla one which doesn't have a very powerful smell, which I prefer in a skincare product. The product itself is really thick, rich and moisturising. It's the perfect cream to use on dry hands, whilst doing an at home manicure or to use before going to bed. 
Once the product sinks into my hands it leaves the skin moisturised and doesn't feel greasy at all. Other hand creams that I have tried don't really do anything to my hands but this one leaves them feeling nourished and repaired. This product is made in Ireland. I highly recommend this hand cream, especially since it is so affordable!  
Have you tried any Irish skincare that I should try? Let me know in the comments,
Ailbhe x 

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