Tuesday, 2 August 2016

PS I Love You

When I was in Penneys last week I saw that they introduced a PS Pro stand in the Cork store. If you're a beauty addict then you would understand my excitement! I haven't heard a lot about these products as they aren't available in every store so I had to pick up a few bits and share my thoughts with you. 

PS Pro Longwear CC Concealer - €3.50
This spring everyone was going mad over the colour correction products that were on the market. I didn't try any products out as most colour correcting products were high end. When I saw this the other day I had to pick it up and hop on the colour correcting band wagon. I tried this out for the first time on my Snapchat (ailbhe_woods) and I wasn't too impressed. The concealer has a great applicator similar to the Urban Decay Naked concealer and it was very pigmented. But because it was so pigmented it meant that when I applied a layer of light coverage foundation over the top my face still had a green tinge to it. If you wear full coverage foundation and you have a problem with redness I think you'd love this, but if you're like me with a few spots and prefer a lighter coverage foundation then I would give this concealer a miss.
PS Pro Longwear Finishing Powder - 01 Translucent - €5 
I've always wanted to try a translucent powder that is white in the tub as I think it would be very good to bake with. Most loose powders that are more affordable have a colour to them so I was delighted when I came across this white translucent powder that was only a fiver! First of all the packaging isn't great. The lid is fairly cheap feeling and then when you open it up there is powder everywhere, which isn't good if you like to do your makeup on the go and not have to worry about spilling things everywhere. If you can get over the packaging, the product itself is amazing. It's so finely milled and so soft once blended into the skin. It sets foundation and concealer into place beautifully and it is definitely a product you should check out.
PS Pro Universal Lip Liner Pencil - €2.50
Apart from the Milani Universal Lip Liner I have never seen anything like this. It is basically a lip liner with no pigment so you can use it to line your lips and use any lip colour on top. This is so great if you wear lip liner so your lipstick doesn't bleed or if you have a lip colour that you can't find a matching lip liner for. This is definitely a great liner to have in your collection if you're a makeup junkie and like to experiment with different lip colours. The liner itself is so creamy but isn't too creamy that it would smudge, if that makes any sense! I would definitely recommend picking up this liner, especially because it's so affordable.  
After I picked out some of the PS Pro range I decided to go mad and pick up anything else that tickled my fancy from the regular PS range. 
 Clear Beauty Drawers - €4
Ever since I saw these in store and online I had to have them. I didn't pick them up until now because I'm currently redoing my room a bit so I said why not pick them up! They are very similar to the Muji clear acrylic drawers that are quite hard to get hold of. You can also get them in black or pink if you would prefer a coloured box. I think I'm going to store my lipsticks in these drawers, I'm really glad that I picked them up. I think they'll make an appearance on my Instagram soon!
PS Highlighting Fan Brush - €2.50
I have only recently started using the Real Techniques fan brush for highlighting my face. I actually think this one is better! Although it isn't dense and sturdy as the Real Techniques one, I think that's almost a good thing. It picks up the product and applies it straight onto the face, whereas the Real Techniques brush almost makes the product more sheer when you apply it, which is quite annoying. So if you love to highlight and aren't afraid of a dense highlight I would definitely recommend this brush so you get the most out of your highlighters. 
PS Eyebrow Brush - €1.50
When I started using the Nyx brow pomade I was on the hunt for a double ended brush that had both a spoolie and angled brush for applying the product. I found a Crown Brushes one but it was quite hard to find and definitely more expensive than this one and they both do the exact same job. This has a great spoolie on one side which is always so handy and on the other end is a great dense angled brush which is ideal to use when filling in your eyebrows.  If you don't have something like this in your collection already (or if you're like me and wouldn't mind having another one) you should definitely give this a go.
PS Lip Liner Pencil - Nude, Dark Pink & Pink - €1.50
I didn't pick up these liners the same day I picked up the rest of these things but I said I'd talk about them on my blog as I don't think I said anything about them before now. These liners are honestly so incredible. If you don't already own them you need to run out now and get every single colour, they're that amazing! They're so creamy and pigmented but, like the universal lip liner, aren't too creamy that they would smudge all over the place. I use the Dark Pink shade which goes with Mac Mehr lipstick so well. The Nude shade is apparently a dupe for the Mac Whirl lip liner. Although there isn't a huge colour range I highly recommend picking these up because they are honestly so incredible. 
So overall these products are amazing quality for their price and you should definitely pick these up and give them a go! Have you tried anything from the Penneys beauty range? Let me know in the comments if you have,
Ailbhe x 



  1. Nice post! I haven't heard much about PS Pro either. I really want to get a highlighting fan brush and I'm thinking I might get the Penney's one.

    1. Thank you gal! You should definitely go and pick it up, I nearly prefer it to my Real Techniques one!
      Ailbhe x