Monday, 8 August 2016

Table Transformation

If you follow me on Snapchat you would have seen the behind the scenes of the project I have been doing over the past few weeks. My Dad made me this table that I now use for makeup and products years ago and I decided to paint it white so it wouldn't be as old-looking and I would be able to take blog pictures on it. He offered to do it but I wanted to do it myself to keep myself busy and have something to do.

This is what my table looked like beforehand. It was a very warm-toned varnished wood that looked really orange in pictures. I decided to paint it the same colour as the frame that I had my mirror in. If you haven't read this post or want to see what I keep in my dressing table you can find that post here.
During the process my room looked like a bomb hit it! I started by taking out the drawers and the pull out shelf and painting them first. This meant I had to empty the contents of my table so it looked like I was addicted to Boots (which I'm not saying that it's not true!). Once I had the drawers and shelf painted I filled them back up and started on the main body of the table. 
I sanded them because they had varnish on them. I then did two coats of a white undercoat and followed that with two coats of normal white paint. Every layer of paint needed a day to dry so it was a very slow process. 
After the painting was finished there were a few things I wanted to change. First of all I changed the knobs on the drawers to gold knobs I got in Ikea. Secondly I moved the pull out shelf down lower so I would be able to store makeup standing up instead of just lying flat. Because of this I now have some more space for makeup and it is much easier to navigate around my collection. 
I picked up a few bits in Penneys to decorate the top of my new and improved table, including the makeup drawers, perfume tray and marble candle. I now have a huge space that I can take pictures on which is very useful! I think my room looks much bigger now that my table is a lighter, brighter colour. 
I didn't write this post because I think everyone loves to paint pieces of furniture, I wrote it because I have always wanted to paint my table white and when I realised I could do it myself I said why not?! During the sumer is the time you should do everything you couldn't do because you didn't have the time. So redecorate your room, learn to cook or spend some more time doing something you already love doing. Don't spend your free time waiting for a night out with friends or wishing you were on a sunny beach in some foreign land, get up and do something productive (like paint a table). 
(Also I am aware that its probably a shock to see me posting on a Monday but this week I'm posting an extra blogpost. So you'll hear from me on Wednesday and Friday this week at the usual time of 7pm)
Have you finished any summer projects?
Ailbhe x 



  1. Aw this looks so amazing and professional! You did such a good job xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

    1. Thank you gal, I was very proud of the finished result!
      Ailbhe x