Tuesday, 30 August 2016

The Red Brunette

 Hey guys! If you follow me on social media you would know that my Debs was last Friday night. Of course I had to share all the  photos with ye. Like last week's I'm Glad I Crashed The Wedding post, this is going to be basically an experience blogpost, including lots of photos, my outfit, hair and makeup. So I would suggest getting comfortable because this could be a long post!

If you're not from Ireland the Debs is basically our version of Prom that happens a couple of months after you leave secondary school.

When I was getting ready my brother arrived with flowers which was probably the most thoughtful thing he has ever done! 
I did my own makeup, which I was very happy with in the end! I went for very natural yet defined makeup using neutral colours. My eyes were slightly winged and we added some individual lashes for some extra definition. Clodagh applied them because I couldn't hack the individuals! I went for my usual lip combo of Mac 'Mehr' lipstick paired with the Penneys 'Dark Pink' lip liner. I didn't want to go for anything too crazy and I wanted to do the makeup I would usually wear because I wanted to look as like me as possible. 
I got my hair done by the gorgeous Sarah from Peter Mark in Douglas. I always trust her with my hair! We went for GHD curls and then pinned the front back and she added some volume. I wanted to keep my hair down because I never have it up and again, I wanted to look as me as possible. I was delighted with my hair, it lasted all night and started to fall beautifully once we started dancing. 
My lovely date Rory was absolutely brilliant for the night. We've known each other for years from music and even though we  haven't seen each other in ages he still had no problem saying yes when I asked him to my Debs which I was so thankful for. 
"Which hand does it go on?"
This my brother's date Maeve who looked stunning (when does she not?!). She is one of our close friends and I was so delighted we all were there together. 
 He definitely went to a Debs date bootcamp!
I spent hours searching everywhere for a dress, my poor mother! I wanted to get something kind of different and that didn't look like I was going to my debs. I finally came across this one in Buckley's on Shandon Street in Cork. I never ever thought I would wear a tight, red, sparkly dress to my Debs, I was planning on going for something grey and flowy. It proves that you have to try things on! I was delighted with it in the end. It fit like a glove and I was delighted because I could name this blogpost 'The Red Brunette' because of the colour of my dress! I completely forgot to take photos of my shoes and clutch but they are just simple, basic, and nude as the dress was the statement piece. Of course I made sure I could fit a pair of flats into my bag and I changed into them before the dancing began!
Someone must have said something funny!
The fam.
5 of the 21 cousins. 
My two Clodagh Ryans. 
Me and Maeve, the gals off to the debs.
The one time I was the same height as my gals, Emma & Clodagh.
Room 226 was the best room in Italy. 
My CYO gang.
These two messers!
CYO take the Debs.
My gal Emer who won best dressed! I was like a proud mother.
The original Rang Aoife crew.
CAP colours
The twins of the year.
This was me trying to be as tall as Adam.
Some of Rang Cathal.
Twinning is definitely winning.

A special thank you to Clodagh for taking all the gorgeous photos before we left.
I hope you enjoyed this blogpost, I had an absolute ball and I had to share it with ye!
Ailbhe x 



  1. Nice post! It looked like you had a lovely time at your debs and your dress was lovely.

    1. Aw thank you so much Róisín! I wish I could just out on the dress again for a night!
      Ailbhe x