Friday, 9 September 2016

The Brush Battle

A few months ago we all saw the weird, new and expensive makeup brushes by Artis. Ever since then I have been fascinated how they are different to the usual makeup brushes we all know and love. I found two Artis brush dupes and decided to put them head to head and test them out. 

Foundation Brush with Flat Hair, Hairspray €6.95 
This brush is the one with the black handle and is quite dense but the tip still has a bit of give to it, which is very different to usual foundation brushes. The handle isn't as sturdy as I would hope it would be so there isn't much control when it comes to blending in small areas. 
This brush definitely doesn't affect the foundation you use in anyway, it applies it with the coverage the foundation gives. It is great for a lighter coverage foundation as it blends beautifully and doesn't leave any visible brush strokes or lines. However I wouldn't recommend this for a heavier coverage foundation as it leaves your skin looking like it has a layer of foundation on top. 

I am a lover of natural-looking skin and blending things in with a beauty blender so when I am using a heavier coverage foundation I will be giving this a skip, or making sure I blend the foundation in with a sponge after. I wouldn't use this brush for concealer as its shape doesn't allow you to blend around the contours of your face. So if you love natural finish foundations or the heavier look that a foundation brush would give, I would definitely check this brush out as it is so affordable and easy to find. You can check out this brush here.
Flawless Finish Foundation Brush, Penneys €4
This is definitely the denser of the two brushes and has the gorgeous rose gold handle. It has a rounded edge which means its much easier to blend in the contours of your face. This brush is also the cheaper of the two but it is quite hard to find because it is so popular in the blogging community. 

This brush is very different to the Hairspray brush as it acts more like a makeup sponge. When I used this with a very light coverage foundation it looked like I wasn't putting anything onto my skin. It takes away some of the coverage and makes it look a but more natural. So if that's what you like when applying your foundation then you'd like this. I'll will be using this for heavier coverage foundations and concealer.

 Because of its shape it is incredible for concealer around the face and under the eyes. If you adore using sponges to blend in your makeup for the natural look it gives then you should definitely check this brush out. When applying makeup with this brush it doesn't need to be worked in as much as the brush does most of the work for you. If you prefer a heavier coverage base then I would give this brush a skip. You can find this brush here
So both brushes have their pros and cons. Both brushes are good for different things and I will certainly be using them both. Have you tried any Artis brush dupes?
Ailbhe x 



  1. Nice post! I have never tried Artis brushes before. I haven't even jumped on the Beauty Blender train yet but I would love to try both of them out

    1. Thank you gal! Oh you should definitely try the Real Techniques sponge as well, its amazing!
      Ailbhe x

  2. Sounds like both brushes are necessary as they need to be used accordingly depending on the foundation but thankfully they are pretty affordable! I think I might buy them soon just to compare with normal brushes - great review!


    1. Yah they definitely are! Do, I highly recommend doing that because they're so different to normal makeup brushes, thank you gal!
      Ailbhe x