Friday, 18 November 2016

Snap Happy

Last week I was without my phone for a week. I managed fairly well (if I do say so myself) and used my laptop for most things apart from Snapchat. In that week I realised how obsessed with Snapchat I am. Pictures capture moments perfectly and Snapchat is so instant so you can see what other people are doing right in that moment. I use Snapchat to keep in  contact with friends and other bloggers along with sharing a more personal side to my blog.
You get to see what I get up to everyday, what products I'm using and also I do a lot of get ready with me type things when I'm doing my makeup. I love following other bloggers on Snapchat because you get to know them on a more personal level. I would even say that Snapchat its my favourite form of social media, so being without it for a week I was quite distraught!

Since I have realised how snap happy I am I decided this week was the perfect time to share my favourite Snapchat accounts with ye. I follow and love so many people but I somehow managed to whittle it down to five, so in no particular order these are my top five favourite Snapchatters. 

I'm sure that if you are a blogger yourself you probably have heard of Erika Fox. Erika is a fashion blogger originally from Kerry living in New York. I personally adore her style its very simplistic and classic, which is just what I love to wear myself. Because Erika is in America you get to follow her around on her New York adventures on a daily basis which is perfect for anyone adventure seekers out there. Apart from the fashion and New York lifestyle you also get to see a more personal side to her blog, which I love.

Sophie is a Cork based makeup artist who I've followed for over a year now. I originally found her on Instagram and from there discovered her Snapchat. Along with being an extremely talented makeup artist (legit getting my makeup done by Sophie is on my bucket list) she is such a lovely person with a bubbly personality, this definitely comes across on her Snapchat. From time to time Sophie does makeup on Snapchat but more often or not she chats and shares her thoughts and opinions. This shows how being a makeup artist isn't all glitz and glamour 24/7.

Unlike the other two Katy isn't from Ireland and is from America but is currently studying in Florence. She is a Youtuber who is open about subjects not a lot of people talk about. Katy also makes really creative videos and of course Snapchats. She shares the usual 'blogger' things like her outfits, what she's eating and also brings you along on her adventures but in a creative way. This includes doodles, different angles and definitely more artistic ways than the usual Snapchatter.

If you haven't heard of Grace then you must have been living under a rock. I think Grace is the person who made following bloggers on Snapchat famous here in Ireland. I honestly don't know any blogger who doesn't follow Grace and so many non bloggers love her snaps too. Grace is a makeup artist who also has a YouTube channel but she is definitely most popular on Snapchat. Along with the usual l
day to day things Grace shares makeup, skincare and beauty and of course her gorgeous new born baby Sienna.

Leanne is the first Irish blogger I found years ago and I haven't stop following her since. She has the most incredible style thats really edgy and gothic. Leanne shares her outfits, her college adventures and of course all of the dogs she sees which is the cutest. I'm always going to love Leanne and her content and she has definitely inspired me to start my blog. Hopefully I'll meet her some day in the future.

So there we have it, my five favourite Snapchatters. If you don't already follow me make sure to add me to see what I get up to during my weeks, my username is ailbhe_woods.
Who are your favourite Snapchatters?
Ailbhe x 


  1. Nice post! I have followed everyone that you mentioned. I love finding new people on Snapchat, even though I don't post every day I'm on it every day.

    1. Aw thank you gal I'm sure they all appreciate it. I'm the exact same I adore snapchat so much!
      Ailbhe x