Friday, 4 November 2016

The One With The Leather Skirt

The outfits I usually share on my blog are always quite wearable and casual. I thought I'd switch it up today and share an outfit with ye that I wore when I went out one Thursday night with my friends. 

The night I wore this outfit was the night of our class party (which was such a fail, but that's another story!) so I wanted to wear something that was very me. I decided to go with a classic and simple white bardot top. I then added a leather skirt to make it more night time appropriate. Then, to add another layer so I feel more comfortable and a little warmer, I wore my sleeveless khaki blazer. This also added a bit of colour to the outfit, we al know how much I love monochrome! 
Although I did have a pair of lace up sandals in my bag I wore my classic strappy heels. Even though I hate how uncomfortable heels are, I love the way they change and outfit completely. I always get big clutch bags so then I can be practical and bring a pair of flats with me because walking into town is such a trek in heels!   
As I said I always go for a bigger clutch, especially on nights out so I can bring a pair of flats with me. Of course I have other nessecities in there and it's mostly filled with things I 'will need' and end up never using at all. I love this bag because it is roomy but not huge and the tassle detail adds a little more interest to an outfit. 
Because I am now addicted to chokers I had to layer some necklaces to bring the whole look together. I layered some different colour necklaces that I thought looked good together. The only advice I have for layering necklaces is to make sure they're all different lengths. I think chokers are so fab for layering because they are so short and sit higher up on the neck. 
Top - Stradivarius 
Sleeveless Blazer - Penneys 
Skirt - Asos
Shoes & Clutch - New Look 
Necklaces (top-bottom) - Stradivarius, H&M, Vintage
Watch - Vintage Gucci

I hope you have enjoyed seeing a dressier outfit from me. Until next time,
Ailbhe x 


  1. Love this outfit, Ailbhe! The shoes are super cute! x

    1. Aw thank you gal! They're really comfortable with the chunky heel and easy to walk in because of the straps and they're still high enough which is great! I always get my heels in New Look,
      Ailbhe x