Friday, 16 December 2016

Falling In Love With Catrice

In the past few weeks I have been discovering Catrice Cosmetics and I must say that I am beginning to fall in love with the brand. Before this I have never used any of their products, I really don't know why I haven't to be honest. So today I'm going to share the Catrice products that I have tried and loved so far.

Catrice High Glow Mineral Highlighting Powder
This is the first product I picked up because I saw it back in stock and after all of the hype around it I had to pick it up. Honestly when I heard all of the bloggers rave about it I wasn't expecting much but honestly it's worth all of the hype. Its a really soft, finely milled creamy powder. Although it's not like the almost metallic highlights that some people like it's the perfect natural looking highlight, which I go for on most days. It gives off a gorgeous skin like shine that is in no way glittery or shimmery. I find that more affordable highlighters are never the best but this certainly goes against that, such a fab powder for a great price.   
Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer - 010 Porcelain
My good friend Cliona, along with others have raved about the cream version of this concealer. It's strange because porcelain in the pot version was too dark for me yet the same shade in the liquid was the perfect match. So definitely watch out for the shades if you use one and want to get the other one. Anyway, I picked this up and wasn't expecting much as I adore my Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer but I actually think I love this one just as much. First of all it has a really nice smell, which I know is strange to say about a concealer but it smells very clean and fresh, which I like.  It claims to be waterproof which I haven't tested but it does dry down and set once it's applied which I guess helps it to last longer. I love the coverage it has as it's quite buildable yet blends out really easily, which is what I look for in a concealer. The last thing I want to say about this is that it doesn't cling to dry patches which is why I love it.  
Catrice Long Lasting Lip Pencil - Vintage Rose
When I purchased Mac's Blankety lipstick I wanted to get a liner to go along with it because I adore the whole lip liner and lipstick look. I was going to get one from Essence because I love their liners but I decided to give one from Catrice a go. It's a gorgeous colour and matches the lipstick perfectly which is great. It isn't the softest lipliner but this definitely helps its ability to stay on the lips for ages, I guess it's called long lasting for a reason! It was so affordable, is very pigmented and does the job perfectly so I am definitely going to pick up some more in the future.
Catrice Prime & Fine Smoothing Refiner
Along with the highlight this was the other product that I have heard loads about, especially from Aisling (DramticMac) and Sophie (SophieMua9). I am a lover of silicone based primers that have quite a velvety finish on the skin. I find that they really smooth over enlarged pores and creates a barrier between spots and makeup. I find it quite difficult to find a silicone primer that doesn't disappear when you apply it on the skin, but this doesn't do that. So far so good with this primer and I can't wait to use it more as this is the most recent Catrice product that I have picked up.  

I can't wait to try more from the brand in the future. Are there any Catrice products that you think I should try?
Ailbhe x

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