Tuesday, 31 January 2017

H&M Beauty

This post has been a while in the works. I've always wanted to try the H&M products as I heard so much when it originally launched in the UK. But of course we had to wait a while to get it here in Ireland, but the wait is over! Over time I went in and there were so many things I wanted to pick up and try so a lot of visits into H&M and lots of research was done before this blogpost was made but it's finally here!
I picked up a few bits that really really intrigued me. I did want to take one of everything but I don't think my bank account would be to happy with that. So I guess I'll be trying more products in the future.
In the H&M beauty section there is haircare, body care, makeup and makeup accessories. I wanted to get one of everything but of course that isn't possible so I will definitely try some more of the range in the future. Would you like to see another blogpost on it? 
Pure Radiance Powder Blush - Soft Russet
When the H&M beauty range first launched I heard Lily Pebbles raving about the powder blushes so of course I had to pick one up to try it. The range of colours in the blush is amazing and you wouldn't see that many colours in a drugstore range. This is almost a rust colour which I don't own anything like it. It was €7.99 which I personally think is amazing for such a high quality product. The packaging is gorgeous and simplistic, it's light but very sturdy. The powder itself is very soft and finely milled and is quite pigmented but not too pigmented that you have to be careful with. This is definitely my favourite product that I picked up, I highly recommend checking these blushes out especially since there is such an amazing colour range.  
Cream Lip Colour - Cinnamon Toast 
I was inspired by my friend Sadhbh to pick up this colour. We were shooting last week and she was wearing an amazing Kiko lipstick that was a dark nude and it looked stunning so of course I wanted to pick up a colour similar.  This was €9.99 which I think is quite a normal drugstore price for a lipstick, even though it seemed like the most expensive thing in the H&M beauty range. The packaging is gorgeous and quite different for a lipstick. It has a slight scent which isn't in any way overpowering which I like. First impressions are very good with this. First of all I adore the colour, it's a dark nude which, on my skin tone, is more of a statement which I like. It's a really creamy formula and is very comfortable to wear which I appreciate. Being that it is creamy you do have to be more careful with it transferring and things like that but overall I love this and will definitely be purchasing more in the future. 
Colour Essence Eye Pencil - Spruce Me Up 
Once again I heard another one of my favourite bloggers The Anna Edit loving these liners so of course I had to pick one up and give it a go. This was only €4.99 which is such a good price for an eyeliner, I don't even think drugstore ones would be that affordable. The packaging reminds me of the Rimmel and Soap & Glory eye pencils that are really creamy and almost gel like so I was definitely looking forward to trying this as there were so many colour options that you would usually only be able to get in a high end store. Because this pencil is so creamy I would recommend getting a more neutral colour because trying to apply a bright smudgy liner is quite difficult. On first application of this I had green smudges all over my eyes and needed to clean it up with micellar water because I'm definitely not used to this bright a colour. So yes, I do like this product because it's really creamy but then again I don't think it would last all night without smudging. Maybe trying a different colour would be best and maybe setting it with a powder to make sure it stays all day. Although, I did get a lot of compliments wearing it so I'm guessing it looks nice! I'm kind of 50/50 with this product so far. 
Pomegranate And Mango Face Mask
Back in the day I loved the H&M face masks, this was even before the beauty range launched so I had to pick one up and give the new ones a go. You could definitely get two uses out of the mask if you didn't layer it on as much as I did. Wen the mask dried it was still comfortable on the skin and easy to take off, which sometimes isn't the case with masks. It definitely revived and refreshed my skin and also cleared out my pores without leaving it feel stripped or dry. Another plus is that the mask smelled great, which is a bonus. There was a huge range of masks and there was a lot I was interested in trying so I will be picking up some more to try in the future. It was only €2.99 so if you want to try some for a pamper night with your friends or you want to treat your skin I would definitely reccomened giving these a go. 
Caribbean Crush Body Mist 
When I smelt this it reminded me of a Hollister spray I had years ago but a but fruitier. This has mango, raspberry and coconut so you can guess how fruity and amazing it smells. I used to love body sprays when I was younger just because they were so light, and perfume is really expensive! This is handy to throw into your bag and freshen up with during the day or even just to use on a day you don't want to wear a strong perfume. Originally this was €3.99 but because the packaging was slightly damaged it was only €1 so I honestly couldn't pass it up, where would you be going wrong! They have matching body lotions and shower gel and all that jazz so if you're into matching body sets then I highly recommend checking these out. There are so many scents and different ranges so you're honestly spoilt for choice. I definitely want to pick up more body care from H&M to try in the future. 
I hoped you enjoyed this blogpost. Have you tried anything from the H&M beauty range? Let me know in the comment if you have, 
Ailbhe x 



  1. Aw this is so sweet I love the mention ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Well it's your fault I bought the lipstick so I needed to blame someone really 😂

  2. Lovely post! I didn't realise H&M do face masks, I will have to try one out and for the rest of the products I'll have to keep an eye out for them too.

    1. Thank you gal! Definitely do because they're so affordable and there are so many to choose fun tis great! Let me know what you think of them if you pick one up,
      Ailbhe x