Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Huckleberry's Doughnuts

A doughnut shop in Cork, yup it's finally a thing! So if you're a social media addict you would have definitely seen photos of these incredible doughnuts. I always love a good trip to Dublin and I love trying out their new amazing cafes and different bakeries including all of the doughnut shops. I was always so annoyed that we had nothing like it in Cork, but now we have! So as you can guess I'm delighted.

Huckleberry's Doughnuts have opened recently on South Terrace in town. Not only are their doughnuts great, their social media accounts and staff are fab too. They're always really friendly and welcoming in there, and they are interactive on their social media which doesn't happen a lot with companies. 
I saw a white chocolate and kinder doughnut on their Instagram and I've been on the hunt for it ever since but they seem to run out so quickly! That's why I love their social media so you can see if they have doughnuts left that day. They're open during the week from 9am until they're sold out and at the weekend from 11am until they're sold out.
My personal favourites are the toffee and white chocolate and the classic glazed, they're a gorgeous basic doughnut with amazing flavours added. And they're really affordable which is fab, and definitely worth the money. 
This is in no way a sponsored blogpost or an ad (unfortunately). I'm sharing this post because I love these doughnuts and I want as many people as possible to know about it. I want you to love Huckleberrys too.
If you're living in Cork or visiting anytime soon definitely check this place out. And if you're not hungry enough already you should head over to their social media to see more. 
Snapchat - @huckleberrycork

Are there any other places in Cork that you think I should try?
Ailbhe x 

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