Friday, 24 February 2017

Gradually Tanned

I'm so pale that I'm whiter than a milk bottle, this is what happens when you're Irish and a redhead. Most foundations that are the lightest colour in the collection are too dark for me, now that's saying something. I find that applying a layer or two of gradual tan makes me so much more confident because the skin on my limbs is basically see through.

When it comes to any sort of tan when you're pale there's a fine line between looking bronzed and looking like an orange (and matching your hair if you're a redhead). That's why I wanted to share this blogpost with ye today because it is quite a difficult one when you're pale and don't want to look like you rolled in Doritos. So I'm going to share my thoughts and opinions on the gradual tans I have used with you today.

A few tips I have when it comes to tanning is definitely use a mitt so your hands don't get stained, and using a mitt also helps everything to blend well.  Another thing is definitely moisturise the night before you want to apply tan just so it's after sinking in before you apply the false tan.
Dove Derma Spa Summer Revived Body Lotion 
Back in May I decided to try gradual tan because I didn't like my legs and if I can apply something to help me feel more confident when I'm going out with bare legs then why not! I did a lot of research and I ended up picking this one up to try out. It has a really nice fresh smell which I love and it definitely is quite natural. This is the one for fair to medium skins and they have one for deeper skins too which I appreciate because not everyone has the same skin colour. 
It gives a gorgeous warm glow to the skin that looks very natural but it can be layered up as well. I really love this one and it probably is my favourite out of the four. This is actually my second bottle of it and I think I'll always go back to it if I'm honest, it's like the old reliable. It's always being reduced in Boots so definitely keep your eye out for it and pick it up on offer. 
Garnier Summer Body Moisturising Lotion 
I actually picked this up years ago when I had no clue about tan or gradual tan and didn't think I needed it so after using it once I passed it onto a friend. This is definitely the most natural of the bunch. I haven't used it much on its own just because it doesn't build colour when you layer it. So I tend to use this to layer on top of other tans if I want an extra bit of colour but don't want to do another layer of something that will make me too dark. This claims to give a light kissed look, and it definitely does that. If you're a beauty addict like me I would say pick it up when it's on offer in Boots to have in your stash. Use it to layer on top of other tans or just for a tiny bit of colour but I wouldn't recommend it if you're looking for something with a lot of colour in it. 
L'Oreal Summer Glow Lotion Gradual Tan 
I must say that this is my least favourite gradual tan just because it is extremely warm toned and if you layer it up it can tend to look orange if you're very pale. It's quite a lot darker than the other two I talked about so you definitely have to me a little more careful. I would definitely recommend this if you're not on the translucent pale side like me and want a bit more of warmth to your skin. So I don't think I'd repurchase this but if you're not as pale then I would suggest giving it a go. 
Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze Gradual Tan 
I picked up this gradual tan recently and I must say that I had quite the disaster with it last week. I applied two layers expecting it to be quite natural and two coats would do the job, as I was shooting the next day but oh was I wrong. It is definitely more like a diluted fake tan rather than a gradual tan. I had crazy patches on my knees and there was a white line on my feet, it was horrible. But I must say that I was to blame because being the eejet that I am I applied two layers instead of one and didn't blend it in properly.  
 This is the only one of the four that has a guide colour but just to warn you, it does develop! This definitely lasts the longest in comparison to the others. Obviously it does come off a bit when you shower but you're still left with a bit of a glow which is nice. I would use this if I needed to have my legs out the next day and wanted something more  powerful than the other tans. It does smell the most like tan as well but I guess if you want more of a light tan than a gradual tan this is the one to go for. It is also quite a cool tone tan so you look bronzed and not orange.
So there we go, my thoughts on some gradual tans I have used. I actually don't use fake tan because I'm so pale (I think you know that at this stage) and I always want it to look as natural as possible. But maybe in the future I'll give some a go. Do you have any favourite gradual tans?
Ailbhe x 



  1. Nice post! I don't really wear fake tan at all as I am too lazy to keep it topped up and I don't ever want to look like I rolled in a Dorito bag. I am happy enough with my paleness but I would like to try a more natural tan in the future.

    1. I'm the exact same! I love being pale but I add a little bit to my legs for a night out so I'm a little more confident. Definitely try the Dove one if you want to try one in the future!
      Ailbhe x