Friday, 3 February 2017

Style Savvy

Ever since I picked these jeans up I wanted to  do a blogpost about them. I then found these shoes and  this blogpost kind of seemed perfect. So not only am I sharing an outfit from the beautiful Glucksman Gallery I am also sharing some tips I have to savvy shopping, especially when you're a student on a budget. 

Believe it or not these jeans were €5, yup a fiver for an embroidered pair of jeans. These were originally €21 from Penneys and I had my eye on them before the sale. So when I saw they were reduced I couldn't say no. The detail on these jeans is unbelievable and I wouldn't have been surprised if they were ten times the price in Topshop.
One of my tips is to shop the sale section. Some people (I must say I do this most times) just disregard the sale section. It involves rooting and a lot more effort than shopping in the full priced section. But you can find such amazing things in the sale, take these jeans for example!  Shopping the sale section, especially for fast fashion and on trend pieces is perfect for any student budget.
If you're into fashion you are probably familiar with the Valaentino Rockstud shoes and these are actually almost identical. The only difference is that the studs on these are round instead of square like the designer pair. I showed my mom a picture of the two together and she was so amazed how similar they are. I was also at a ball and a girl I knew said 'wow I love your Valentinos' and she couldn't believe they were from Penneys. They are also really comfortable and easy to walk in because of the straps which is perfect for anyone who doesn't love walking in heels like me. 

So definitely look for dupes because it's often that high street stores take inspiration from designer items and they even take inspiration from each other. Designer dupes are out there so keep an eye out for them when you're shopping. You will obviously be saving yourself a lot of money and people will think you're really fashionable and own high end pieces, but in reality you're just style savvy!  
Another tip I have when it comes to being fashionable on a budget is to DIY pieces, especially if you're shopping the sale sections like my earlier tip. Let's be honest whenever you see something amazing in a sale it usually isn't your size. So why not root out your mom's sewing kit and DIY? I am always taking in clothes or taking skirts up because I'm so short or even cutting things and taking things off clothes, so then I can find amazing pieces in the sale section that actually fit me properly. Even if you can't sew just watch a Youtube 'how to' video and you'll be sewing away in no time! 
Because of the DIY you can create one off pieces that no one else will have so you'll be even more stylish. 
So this outfit is quite simple and basic but the little details of each price makes it interesting. I started with the embroidered mom jeans which I rolled up at the end because I'm really short and it makes everything look a little more casual. I paired them with a cream turtleneck jumper that tucks into the jeans perfectly and doesn't take the attention away from the detailed jeans. I finished everything off with my usual everyday jewellery and some nude studded heels that I have been obsessed with recently. They elongate the leg because of the colour but still add some detail and interest with the studded detail. 
Obviously I wouldn't stroll around college in heels so to make this outfit wearable I would just throw on a pair of white converse and top everything off with a nice camel coat.
Jeans - Penneys (sale) 
Top - Bershka
Shoes - Penneys
Watch - Vintage Gucci 
Bracelet - Alex & Ani 

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost. The photography was done by the amazing Sadhbh as per usual. Do you have any tips on how you are style savvy?
Ailbhe x



  1. Nice post! I love the tips especially the DIY tips as especially when looking for ripped jeans, it might be cheaper to DIY.

    1. Thank you gal! I always DIY stuff especially when it comes to the fit of them because I'm so short. Thats such a good idea! Let me know how you get on.
      Ailbhe x