Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

A couple of years ago I remember people going mad for this palette and at the time you couldn't get it over here in Ireland. So I've been meaning to pick it up ever since Wet'n'Wild landed here but I was never in the market for a shimmery eyeshadow palette. Long story short, I finally got around to picking this up and I decided to tell you what I think of it, and if it's worth trying out. 

It was €6.49 which is incredibly affordable for an 8 shadow palette. I was never a big fan of coloured eyeshadow and thought that I would only use the left side of the palette. But now that I'm getting into it more I would definitely use it all (well, maybe not the questionable light green shade!) 

The shadows themselves are incredibly buttery and blend really easily on the eyes. I would always use a primer underneath them so they last all day, don't crease, and are as pigmented as they possibly can be. They can also be used wet or dry which is great if you want to make a shade more metallic. 
The left side of the palette is definitely the side I reach for more often. 
Swatched: The top row is the right hand side of the palette and the bottom row is the left hand side 

The cream colour and rose gold are great to use on the lid. The bronze colour, which is still gorgeous, isn't as pigmented and dark and I hoped it would be, so that is the only disappointing shadow there is in the palette. The final shade on the left is a gorgeous red toned shade that almost looks black, so it's perfect for the outer corner or to use to line the eyes.  

Onto the right side, so the top shadow is another great all over the lid shade. It's a gorgeous taupe with gold reflex almost a cool toned gold, so it's not too bright and it's very wearable. Now the second shadow on the right hand side is definitely the one I never reach for. It is a lovely mid green shade but it isn't as pigmented as the other shadows so you would have to build it up quite a bit.
If you have ever wanted to play around with green shadow then the next shadow is the one for you. It's actually a great dupe for a Nars single shadow I own called 'Goban" which I love to use in my other corner. It's a fab khaki green shadow that is highly pigmented and it has gold shimmer in it as well. 

The last shade is a great dupe for Mac's 'Blue Brown' pigment. In some lights it looks like a warm brown but in others it looks almost turquoise and cobalt blue, which I absolutely love. There is nothing in the drugstore like this as it's really unique. I love applying this all over the lid and to blend it into the crease for a warm brown blue eye look. This shade is definitely the hero shade in this palette and I would recommend even buying this palette just for this shade alone. 
So 6/8 shades being pigmented and that I would use is pretty good in comparison to other palettes. I am delighted I finally picked up this palette and reach for it for colours for my lid. I would definitely suggest using this in conjunction with a matte palette, but that's just my personal preference.

If you're a makeup lover and don't own this palette already then I would highly suggest picking it up and trying it out because it's so fecking affordable with amazing pigmentation and colour payoff. Even if you're a beginner it's a great palette to experiment with. 
I hope you enjoyed this review. Would you like to see a Snapchat get ready with me using this palette? 
Ailbhe x 



  1. Nice post! That palette looks amazing and so pigmented for a cheap price. I have never tried out anything from Wet n Wild but I have heard so many good things about the brand.

    1. You definitely have to there are some amazing products from them. I have a long list of products I want to try from them! (also apologises for the late reply college has been hectic)
      Ailbhe x