Friday, 24 March 2017

When It All Gets A Bit Too Much

You may have noticed that I've only posted one blogpost a week on here recently or you would have heard on my social media that I'm going down to one blogpost a week.That's because life has just gotten crazy and I didn't have the time to put as much effort into my posts and to be honest not a lot of people saw them. It was really disheartening to be honest, when you put as much time as you can into posts and not a lot of people view them. So I decided to take a step back for a while and do one blogpost every week that I am proud of. I only have time for one nowadays with college and social media on top of things, everything has just gotten very busy.
If you don't know already I study Biological & Chemical Sciences and although I love it it's a very intense course. I have one or two three hour labs a week which lab reports need to be written and researched for which takes hours, along with so many hours of lectures, tutorials and grind sessions. It all just got a bit much trying to balance blogging, past times and a social life on top of all of that. I saw that my mental and physical state were suffering because I was putting so much pressure on myself to keep everyone happy. 
Whoever said college was easy and just full of fun and games were certainly wrong. I would actually say college is harder than secondary school because you need to balance a million things at the one time while still having a social life and passing your modules. And then it all just get's a bit much. So I took the matter into my own hands and took a step back. 
I prioritised college work and my own health before everything else. Then came things that make me happy; friends, pastimes, family and finally a social life, which at the moment doesn't get much of a look in! Finding the right balance of everything is the key and even though I'm still trying to find that perfect equation I'm in a much better place than I was. I'm not stressed, sleep deprived, or on the brink of a mental breakdown. 
So when life gets crazy, you have to make sure you don't go crazy. Keep doing the things you love and spend time with your friends, but prioritise the things that are the most important in your life.

Jumper & Belt - Penneys 
Jeans- Topshop
Boots - Dunnes 
Bracelets - Alex &Ani 
Watch - Vintage Gucci 
Ok now onto the outfit. I shot this with Sadhbh on a Tuesday morning between lectures to take a break from everything. I actually got this pink jumper from the Penneys sale for €3, sher where would you be going wrong? I paired it with an embroidered belt to add some more interest to the outfit. Then I finished everything off with some simple black jeans and heeled black boots. I accessorised with my usual watch and my positive Alex & Ani bracelets. One that says 'Live a happy life' and the other is in collaboration with Pieta House which reminds me of the light at the end of the tunnel.
I hope you enjoyed this chatty post! Just remember that when you get stressed and overwhelmed you're certainly not in it alone. Ailbhe x  


  1. I understand this so much! My life has been so hectic the past month with school and other ventures. Thankfully it is all calming down pretty soon as I really am in good need of a rest.

    1. I honestly think everyone feels this way now and again. How about we run away to a tropical island to relax?!
      Ailbhe x

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