Friday, 21 April 2017

The Girl With The Camera

Today's blogpost is going to be a chatty one all about photography, why I love it and how I shoot my blog photos. Photography is such a personal thing for me, it's something that I find truly amazing and I'm going to try and put that passion into words for you today.
I've been called 'the girl with the camera' a good few times at this stage, whether that be at an event and someone wants to see the photos I took or just in life in general I'm constantly taking pictures and I wish I could have my DSLR with me 24/7.

Photos for me capture moments and memories that words can't. Looking at a photo brings me back to that time when the photo was taken. They help me remember moments that would otherwise have been forgotten.
This also explains why I don't post photos on my personal Facebook page like other people would do. I'm a visual person so photos are my memories, I find them so personal and I don't want all my memories online, I want to keep them to myself. Yah I might share a few on Instagram or Snapchat but not all of them, because they're moments of my life that I want to remember and not share them with the whole world.

Around this time last year I talked all about why I don't edit my photos which you can read here. I won't get into it too much here but I want my photos to look as real and natural as possible. I want you to see what I saw when I was taking the photo, not something that has loads of editing so it doesn't look real anymore. You can probably tell at this stage that I'm very opinionated about photos! 
Now onto the part you probably came here to find out, how I take my blog photos. It goes without saying that I don't take the photos when I'm in them. So outfit photos or photos like this other people take them for me. It depends where I am and who I'm with as to who will take them but it's usually my brother Darragh or Sadhbh. I will always credit whoever took the photos because it's their work that deserves to be credited. So you will always know who took the photos for me. 

Tips I'd have for outfit photos would be to go to a quiet place so there aren't people in the way. Make sure you have a nice background and it's bright as you'll get the best photos with good lighting. And just take loads and loads of different photos with different angles and different poses because then you're bound to have some you are happy with. 
Outfit Details:
Jumper - New Look 
Jeans - Topshop 
Shoes - Converse
Watch - Vintage Gucci 
Bracelet - Alex & Ani 
99% of the time the photos on my blog are taken on my Nikon D3200 DSLR camera. I think that's the main reason for people thinking my photos look very good and professional. You can use different settings to get shots that you can't get on a phone camera (although the new iPhone has an incredible camera, definitely on my wishlist!). So my biggest tip would be investing in a good camera, even though they can be pricey a good camera is a life investment that you'll have for years.
Another huge must is good lighting, you literally can't get a good photo with bad lighting. Taking photos outside is a lot easier as it's all one brightness if that makes sense. So photography inside is a tricky one. I'm very lucky because my kitchen is very bright and has white walls with grey tiles on the ground so I usually take pictures of products there. Otherwise I have a piece of wood that I painted white that I can put on top of anything and have a white background. But again, I think the camera does most of the work for me. Once you have it on the right settings and have it in focus you're sorted. It all takes time and playing around until you find your preferred style, we al have to start from somewhere, sher my photos at the start were shocking! 
Photography by Darragh.
I am certainly not the best photographer but I'd like to think that I've learned some tips and tricks over the years. I hope you found this helpful or just enjoyed reading it. Do you have any photography tips?
Ailbhe x 


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