Friday, 26 May 2017

The Dupe Debate

When this post goes up I will be (hopefully) in Prague after travelling from Berlin. Obviously I will be trying my best to keep ye updated on Snapchat and Instagram and I'm not sure what the wifi situation will be. But when I'm home I will be doing lots of travel blogposts, if you have any requests of the type of posts you'd like to see then let me know either on my social media or in the comments below. 

Anyway onto today's post, I'm going to be chatting about a pair of products that I think are dupes for each other. A dupe is a product that is exactly the same or extremely similar to a higher end product. I'm always looking out for dupes because I'm a student who hasn't started working this summer yet so I want to spend the least amount of money possible while still purchasing good quality makeup. I haven't heard anyone else talk about these products being dupes for each other so I had to share them with ye. 
The first two products are Benefit Porefessional Face Primer and Catrice Prime And Fine Smoothing Refiner. These are both pore filling primers that help foundation glide over any pores or texture you might have that I think are dupes for each other. A quick disclaimer, I may think these are dupes and you might not but these are just my opinions and you might think something else which is perfectly valid too. One obvious difference between the two is that one is in a tube and the other is in a tub, it depends on your personal preference on which is better. 
Both perform identically when applied under makeup, they blur pores and create a barrier between makeup and any texture like spots. This makes sure no makeup clings to any dry bits on spots or sits in any large pores. The one slight difference is that I find the Benefit primer dries down slightly and almost sets so it's not as slippy as the Catrice one. Maybe the Benefit one would be better for oilier skin types but both work the same on my normal/combanation skin type, but definitely try either of them out if you're in the market for a pore minimising primer. 
The second pairing is Mac Mehr Lipstick and Rimmel The Only One Matte Lipstick in the colour Salute. Mac Mehr holds a special place in my heart because it was my first ever Mac lipstick which I think is quite a milestone. I actually bought it this time last year when I graduated from school. I tried for ages to find a dupe for this lipstick but because it's such a unique colour I couldn't find one anywhere. Until Rimmel launched this new line of lipsticks, so there's an original 'The Only One' range and the matte collection followed. 
Both formulas have quite a strong scent but can't be detected once applied onto the lips and they're both matte even though I think the Mac is more of a dry matte and isn't as comfortable as the Rimmel one to wear for a length of time. They both have different bullet shapes and I actually prefer the Mac shape as it's much easier to create a defined cupids bow in comparison to the round shape of the Rimmel.
Now onto the main thing, the colour. Mac Mehr is a dark pinky nude that is quite hard to find anywhere else. I think the Rimmel one is the tiniest bit lighter but once applied on the lips they look very similar and over a lipliner they are completely identical. I found a lipstick from Wet'n'Wild in the shade Spiked With Rum which is a very similar tone and shade to Mac Mehr expect it's a bit darker, so if you have a deeper skin tone that might be a better dupe for you. I adore and use both the Rimmel and Mac lipsticks, definitely check them both out. 

So there we have it, two more affordable products that are dupes for high end makeup. If you have tried any of these let me know and if not, do you have any dupes that you think I should try?
Ailbhe x 

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