Friday, 19 May 2017

The Pink Pants

Hey guys! It feels like it's been forever since I was last chatting to ye as my last new blogposts were pre-written because of exams. But I'm back and can't wait for the summer of blogging ahead. Today I'm going to share an outfit with ye that includes some incredible pants and I'll tell ye a bit about what I've been doing lately. 

So I finished my exams last Wednesday (thank god) and some of them were ok, some were a bit dodgy but I think that's the case with all college exams. That means that I'm finished my first year of college which seems absolutely crazy to me! I genuinely feel like I only started last week! It's scary to think that this time last year I was graduating secondary school and preparing for exams and not knowing what would be happening in the next year. Whereas this year I'm a quarter of a way through my degree, have completely changed as a person, have amazing friends and I'm honestly the happiest I have ever been.  
If you follow my social media you would have seen that I was invited onto the Xposé Blogger Bus in collaboration with Vichy last week. I was so shocked when I got the invite, like little me being invited to a TV3 event?! I had such a fab morning and met some lovely gals there and can't wait to see them all again at some point. 
So that brings us up to this week, I started the week off at a gig in Cyprus Avenue with Dan Owen & Stephanie Rainey and they were amazing. And then I was working in college helping out at the Spring Open Day for most of the week. I now have to start sorting my life out and get organised because I'm going to Berlin next Tuesday! 
Myself and my two friends are heading to Berlin on Tuesday and then Prague on Friday morning and back home again on Saturday. So it's like a mini little interailing trip if you think about it. I'm honestly so incredibly excited to travel and explore and I will definitely have loads to share with ye when I get back. I'm not sure what the wifi situation will be like so you may see Snapchats and possibly Instargams but I'll certainly have my camera and share all the photos with ye when I'm home. 
Onto the outfit itself, I created the outfit around these incredible pink pants. If you read my post Style Savvy then you would know I love shopping in sale sections and doing a bit of DIY. That's exactly what I did with these pants. I found them for €5 in Penneys, altered them a bit and voila! 
I went for a simple black halter neck top along with some strappy black patent heels (that are the most comfortable heels ever) so the pants would stand out. I topped everything off with a classic shoulder bag and my usual, everyday jewellery to finish off the outfit. 
Top - New Look 
Pants - Penneys 
Heels- New Look 
Bag - Carvel by Kurt Geiger 
Watch - Vintage Gucci
Bracelets - Alex&Ani 
Photography by Darragh.
I'm so excited for the long summer ahead of me with hopefully some more adventures, so make sure to follow my social media to come along with me. 
Ailbhe x

Last week's giveaway is now closed and natalie.westrom is the winner. Thank you all so much for entering, I wish I could give ye all the prize but there will definitely be more giveaways to come.


  1. Nice post! You lucky thing, I have heard so much about Berlin and Prague, yoou'll have a great time no doubt.