Friday, 9 June 2017

Prague Travel Diary

If you read my other travel post (which you can read here) you would know we travelled from Dublin to Berlin and then we went on to Prague. We got a train which took five hours from Berlin to Prague and it would have been perfect only that they have a weird system and you don't know if you're in a reserved seat or not so we had to keep moving seats, but you'd get over that. 

A corner of Old Town Square
We arrived in the train station and everywhere just looked gorgeous. I, once again, got us lost because I thought it would be easier to walk to the hostel instead of getting the subway or bus (I was wrong). The streets are mostly cobblestoned so suitcases don't mix with that well, this was learned the hard way so definitely get some form of transport if you're travelling with a suitcase. We strolled through the centre of Prague when finding our hostel and every street was so picturesque. The architecture is just so different over there and is definitely something you should see. It felt very French and Italian, very European. 
One of the streets leading up to Charles Bridge 
After finally finding our hostel which was called Hostel Prague Tyn, we had a bit of hassle. We were told we could get our room at 12 and we arrived then but of course it wasn't ready, that's ok we could get over that out. The thing that got to us was that we were told we could pay in euros (instead of having to pay in Czech korunas) but we were quickly dismissed by the receptionist and told we couldn't and it had to be in kuronas. 
Another thing was that we put our suitcases into a luggage room, which turned out to be a big cage that everyone threw their stuff into so you had to dig for your suitcase after and if you had any sort of valuables or fragile items you'd be in trouble. 
Looking out onto Charles Bridge 
We stayed in an eight bed room and had no one else in the room until about 4am. The people who joined our room were very considerate, coming in as quietly as possible even though they were after a few drinks, which we really appreciated. However the room next door to us were shouting and roaring until about 12pm and then the next morning they started banging on their door and our door as well as roaring and screaming. I understand that they were on holiday and you'd get over them being noisy but I genuinely felt unsafe when they were there banging down our door. 

I knew there were several keys and codes to get into the building and then into the separate corridors but we actually got up earlier than planned just so we could get out of the place. If you're literally looking for a bed and don't care about any of this then you'd be grand, but if you're like me and prefer a bit of security and actually would like to sleep during the night, I would say try somewhere else. 
Charles Bridge 
Anyway enough about the hostel, onto Prague itself. We went straight to the iconic Charles Bridge. It was lovey and great to see with incredible views but packed with tourists (everywhere is in Prague). Definitely worth seeing and good to say you've been there. 
Trdelnik on Karluv Most (the street after Chalres Bridge)
We then continued up the hill to Prague Castle. We stopped off at a little shop to get the local delicacy which is Trdelnik, we got some filled with ice-cream which was gorgeous. Definitely worth a try if you're there. 
The hill going up to Prague Castle 
En route up the hill 
There was quite a hike up the hill but the view at the top was so so worth it, it was incredible and the hill itself was fab looking as is everything in Prague. We spent a good bit of time up here, again packed with tourists and then realised that to get to Prague Castle you had to pay, even to see the outside so we didn't bother. 
Lookout point from Prague Castle 
On top of the hill leading up to the castle 
Prague Castle (the actual castle is behind this building) 
After that we went to find Lennon Wall, we tried to find it earlier in the day but got lost so we said we'd try again. We walked down the Old Castle Steps which were gorgeous, definitely walk up or down them to the castle. 
The Old Castle Steps 
I would definitely say that the Lennon Wall was worth the getting lost for an hour to find it, especially if you're any way into art or are creative.  It is a free wall so anyone can paint over what is there, but I personally didn't want to ruin any art that was there already. It was amazing all the quotes and paintings were fab. And the guy busking created a lovely atmosphere. 
Busker in front of the Lennon Wall 
The Lennon Wall
There were two things that stood out to me and they were 'It's time to create right now', because of my love to create content and all that jazz. The other was 'Do not lie to yourself' because of my past struggle with my mental health. So I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the Lennon Wall and being inspired by it. 
The Lennon Wall 
That was it for day one so onto day two, we began the day by strolling through the main square and seeing the famous clock. It was great because it was so quiet in the morning. The day before when we were passing through it was packed. We then continued strolling through the streets where we came across some market stalls and picked up some souvenirs. 
Old Town Square 
Afterwards we headed to Wenceslas Square which is the main shopping area so I could go to Sephora. You can see what I picked up there here. After that it was time to go, we decided it would be better to be in the airport early instead of aimlessly strolling around for another while. 
Old Town Square 
We got the tube to the airport on the way to or from the airport and the subway stations are gorgeous. The one we left from was all gold and metallic colours (you can see it here on my Instagram). Definitely get the subway (instead of getting lost like us) and you will be able to see all the beautiful different subway stations too. 
Area around the market stalls 
I would definitely say that Prague is a place with loads of nice looking, historic, picturesque things but not loads of things to do. Like once you see the main tourist things that's pretty much it. I would also say that in Berlin you could sense the culture and locals were always around whereas in Prague the place was full of tourists as well as stag do's so you couldn't really sense any culture. 
The Streets of Prague 
Don't get me wrong, Prague is a gorgeous city and it is definitely somewhere you should go at some point and I highly recommend visiting, but I wouldn't go back anytime soon because I saw everything I wanted to see and I want to explore more cities and travel to more places before I go back. 

I hope this was helpful to anyone travelling to Prague or was entertaining to anyone who wanted to know what we got up to on our trip. Would ye be interested in seeing more travel diaries in the future as I'm already planning my next adventure?
Ailbhe x 



  1. It looks like you had an amazing time in Prague. I totally understand you when you said you wouldn't go back, I'm the same about Tenerife as I saw everything but I didn't like how over touristic it was.

    1. Ugh it was unreal. Yah exactly you understand the feeling! I definitely want to go to more places before I go back there,
      Ailbhe x

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