Friday, 21 July 2017

Concealer Countdown

Hey guys! As you can probably tell from the title today I'm going to count down to my favourite concealer of the moment, I didn't just use the word countdown to have alliteration in the title! Concealer is definitely my favourite makeup product, as weird as that sounds because most people view it as a makeup basic. I love finding a good one to cover spots without adding to the dryness, or brightening ones to cover darkness under my eyes and all that jazz, I'm a bit of a concealer junkie if you will. Recently I found myself running out of almost all of my concealers and needed to restock so I decided to pick up a few new ones to try and ended up getting more than I needed in the first place. I put them to the test over the past few weeks and said I would report back to you on what I think of them and how they stand next to my other favourites and ones I am currently using. So without further ado I will start counting down to my favourite concealer of the moment!

5. LA Girl Pro Conceal - Porcelain
We'll start with my least favourite out of the bunch, but that doesn't mean I don't like it. I'm sharing all these concealers with ye because I do enjoy using them all and would recommend them. If I didn't like something I wouldn't bother sharing it with ye! I purchased this on Beauty Bay after hearing loads of hope about it. First of all its definitely the wrong colour for me, it has quite a sallow yellow tone to it which is very strange since it is the palest colour in the collection. I'm not a fan of the brush applicator as I find it either doesn't put out enough or it squirts out too much. They're all the cons now onto the pros, it has a very good coverage and is quite a light consistency as its comfortable on the skin. It is really good for both under the eyes and on the face on spots as it doesn't brighten but also doesn't cling to dry patches. It definitely has more coverage than the other tube concealer I'll talk about later on but the colour takes away a few points for me. Once I blend it into a fuller coverage foundation its perfect. I think I would get on a lot better with it if it was the right colour, but good all round formula none the less.

4. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - Fair 1
If you haven't heard about this concealer then I think you might have been living under a rock, bloggers and vloggers swear by this concealer and it has a lot of hype around it. I used it years ago so when I was on the hunt for another concealer I decided I would try it again and see what I thought of it years later. It's not the most perfect shade for me but being this pale doesn't help when it comes to concealers, but it is quite pale in comparison to other formulas. It definitely covers everything but is quite a heavy and thick formula so you can feel it on your skin. It's slightly drier and would cling to dry patches especially on spots but would cover them colour wise nonetheless. I would definitely recommend it if you're in the market for a heavy coverage congealer that's affordable and especially since they have quite a pale shade, but definitely not the best for what I look for in a concealer.

Left to Right - Mac, Rimmel, LA Girl, Collection, Catrice
3. Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer - 010 Ivory
Next on the list is another tube concealer with a brush and as you can guess, not my favourite type of packaging. It is marketed as a brightening concealer but it would definitely need to be a shade lighter to brighten on my skin tone. For a brightening concealer I would highly recommend the Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer in the brightener shade, it works wonders and I will definitely repurchase that when I get through some of these concealers! This Rimmel concealer does have a medium coverage which is perfect for an everyday concealer and is fab for using on spots because it doesn't add to the dryness. Overall a good solid congealer that is worth a go if you want something lighter for every day because you can't even feel it on the skin.

2. Mac Studio Finish Concealer - NW15
This is the only pot concealer I have in my concealer as most of them I find are quite thick and don't melt into the skin like this one does. This one has quite a pinky undertone which is fab for brightening under the eyes. Although this formula is quite thick it doesn't dry out the skin too much and is a very high coverage although it does feel quite heavy-feeling on the skin but it covers everything. I reach for this concealer when I'm using a lighter coverage foundation and need something to cover imperfections or else when I'm going out because this covers and lasts really well once it's set with powder. The only reason this isn't my favourite concealer is because it needs a bit of work blending it in and is very heavy so I wouldn't use it every day, but nonetheless one fab concealer.

1. Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer - 005 Light Natural
I've saved the best until last, this is my favourite concealer, I used the colour 010 and loved it but was a tiny bit too dark for me but I could get away with it but I literally squealed with excitement when I found they had released a lighter shade so I had to pick it up. This is the perfect shade for me and I love it so much because I can use it both under my eyes and on spots whether I'm wearing full on glam makeup or else for everyday use. It also feels really light on the skin and definitely lasts really well on the skin. As weird as this sounds it actually smells quite nice, almost fresh smelling which is weird but it's another thing I like about the product. It is definitely the closest thing I have found to the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer which I used in the past and thought it was my favourite concealer. I haven't repurchased that because of the price tag but I am delighted I found this Catirce one in the meantime. If you have never tried this concealer then you really need to go out asap and buy it, it's so affordable with amazing coverage, has a shade that matches me, and doesn't feel heavy on the skin.
So there we go, a round up of my current concealer collection that I counted down to my favourite of the moment, I hope you liked it. If you have tried any of these then let me know what you thought of them or else if you have any concealer recommendations you think I should try then let me know in the comments below,
Ailbhe x 

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