Friday, 25 August 2017

Dingle Travel Diary

If you follow me on social media you would have known I spent the weekend in Dingle last week. This summer I've done a bit of traveling (and there's still some left to do) and I really enjoyed doing travel diaries after I'm home, to have something to look back on but also to help anyone out if they're going to the same place. I find when you're travelling to a new place you have to do so much research and look at so many reviews to figure out where are the good paces to go so I find travel diaries really  helpful. You can see where people stayed, went, ate, and what they thought of those places to figure out where you want to go yourself. So that's what I'm going to do today, tell you about where we stayed, what we did, and where we went in Dingle last weekend. I'm going to link everything so you can easily do some more research yourself if you'd like. 
The Grapevine Hostel 
First thing's first, where we stayed. After arriving in Dingle (we got the Expressway to Tralee and then another bus to Dingle) we got some lunch in Super Valu, ate in at the sea front and then went to our home for the night. So we found a hostel bang smack in the middle of Dingle called The Grapevine. It was €17 for a night which was so incredibly good for the standard of the place. They have several different sized rooms with a common area and a fully equipped kitchen. 
The Grapevine Hostel 
They had bread for toast in the morning with jam and butter along with tea and coffee supplies so basically a free breakfast. There's also a place where there is food you are more than welcome to use if you want which is great. We actually cooked dinner there that night which was so handy and made our weekend very affordable and why wouldn't we since we had everything we needed in regards to kitchen stuff in the hostel! 
The Grapevine Hostel
The overall atmosphere of the place was very warm and welcoming and felt like home. We met so many amazing people and are still in contact with some fab girls. The people who worked there were so friendly and helpful and they even came out with us that night it was legit a hostel night out which made it feel more like home and created such a community atmosphere. 
The Grapevine Hostel 
I would highly recommend staying in this place if you are looking for a place to stay. They have rooms of 8, 3, and 2 so it should suit most people. Myself and Aisling are hooked on the place and will definitely be returning when we go back to Dingle next. 
The Grapevine Hostel 
The first thing we did after dropping our bags off was get a battered Mars bar. I think it's a Dingle thing but I'm not 100% sure about that but anyway, we got one in Harrington's which was down by the pier. It sounds like it would be horrible but it somehow worked. It didn't taste like batter or Mars bar it was actually lovely and definitely is worth a try! 
Battered Mars bar from Harrington's
The Harbour Cruise by Dingle Boat Tours 
We decided to do a boat trip and went to the end of the pier to Dingle Boat Tours to get tickets as they do a Harbour Cruise for €10 and they even stop off to see Fungie for a while. Other boat tours are much more expensive and they do different tours and boat rides which is great. I'll definitely be taking a trip to the Blasket Islands the next time I'm down. I definitely recommend going on some tour because it's not everyday you're surrounded by incredible natural beauty and on a sunny day this would be amazing to do (although it can be done in the rain too, the boats are covered). 
The Harbour Cruise by Dingle Boat Tours 
To finish off the day we of course had to go out being in Dingle on a Saturday night. Myself and Aisling went to a few places before meeting up with others from the hostel. We went to The Mighty Session which actually had a birthday party on but had a good musician playing. Dick Mack's would be a fab place if you're into techno house music as there's a dj there and it is a really cool place. We stopped off in The Courthouse for a bit of trad and then ended up in Nellie Fred's with the others. They had some different indie musician playing in the shed but the place was so so cool.  
Night Out with the hostel gang in Nellie Fred's 
I would definitely recommend going to a few pubs just to see where is hopping but everything is so close so it makes it easy to do that. We then went to An Droiched Beag after but definitely has an older crowd so if you're youngish I would say head up to the Hillgrove. The night life in Dingle is some craic and if you're down there and can go out I can't recommend it enough. I will definitely be taking a few trips down there during the year for some good nights out as it seems like there's always something happening down there.  
The morning after the night before a girl we met actually was going to do the Slea Head Drive and asked did we want to join her which was fab as we were going to go for a walk but the weather was horrible. Because it was lashing we couldn't see much through the mist but we still had a laugh. We stopped at the Famine House and fed animals on the way up to that, you would have seen our antics if you follow me on Snapchat! I will definitely be doing that drive in the future on a dry day, I'd say the views would be incredible. 
Coumeenole Beach on Slea Head Drive
After our rainy drive we had to stop off in Murphy's Ice Cream because you haven't done Dingle right if you don't have a Murphy's. Now they are quite pricey but are definitely worth it and especially worth it if you've never tried them before. I got the Dingle gin and raspberry sorbet and together they make a cocktail which was amazing.
Murphy's Ice Cream 
I hope that helped if you're travelling to Dingle soon or else you just liked seeing what we did. You can read the rest of my travel diaries here; Berlin, Prague & Dublin and you can look forward to seeing an Edinburgh one in the next few weeks, 
Ailbhe x 

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