Friday, 4 August 2017

Festival Fashion

When this post goes up I'll hopefully be in a field in the middle of nowhere, so that definitely explains why I won't be on social media this weekend. I'll be at Indiependence for the weekend and on Tuesday I shared the makeup looks I'll be doing over the weekend that you can read here. Today I'm going to share what I'll be wearing over the weekend so I don't have to worry about showing ye on Snapchat or getting blog photos while I'm there or anything like that. There will be of course photos on my Instagram when I'm back and I might do a catch up sort of thing on my Snapchat. 

Quick disclaimer before we start, I'm obviously not going to Coachella and it's a Cork festival that'll be so muddy and cold and possibly raining so these outfits are definitely not the most practical so realistically I'll have a hoodie and rain jacket over them. But I did want to dress up a bit and try out the whole festival fashion thing because it's a bit of fun and I adore fashion so it would be a shame not to. So yah there's being fashionable and there's camping for 3 days in a muddy field so you have to pack practical clothes too. But I'm going to share my outfits that I'll be hopefully wearing at some point over the weekend and I'll also talk through some festival trends now along with some essentials. 

Day One - Maxi 
This is definitely the most impractical outfit because the place will be destroyed in mud but since there is a slit in the skirt I can always tie it up if I need to. Every festival you go to you will also see some maxi dresses and skirts, it's such a summer piece so I had to style one for Indie. I picked up this skirt in Penneys last September for €3 so it really doesn't matter if it gets destroyed. I paired it with a simple black halter top with a lace bralette underneath. In every outfit I'm wearing the same layered necklaces and wellies so I'll talk about them all and where they're from at the end. 
Top - New Look
Skirt & Bralette - Penneys 
Day Two - Floral
Printed cotton shorts are always making an appearance in festival wardrobe so I decided to pair a floral pair with a bard white top for a chilled boho look. Being realistic I threw a denim jacket over everything because I'd be frozen if I didn't. Once again I'm wearing the same necklaces and boots but I topped everything off with a flower crown because I couldn't go to a festival and not wear one. 
Top - Stradivarius 
Shorts - Penneys 
Denim Jacket - Vintage 
Flower Crown - Forever 21 
Day Three - Bell Sleeves 
All of these outfits are very much out of my comfort zone because I'm very much a minimalistic person when it comes to dressing and love classic and simple clothes but this is definitely the outfit that is furthest from my personal style, but it's good to experiment. I've been loving this denim skirt when the weather is nice so I decided to pair it with this bell sleeve top because the bell sleeve trend has been huge this Spring/Summer and will definitely be seen at festivals this year. I added a belt to add some more detail to the outfit along with the same boots and necklaces. 
 Top & Belt - Penneys
Skirt - H&M
The Details 
I thought I'd talk about the essentials I'm wearing in every outfit separately instead of repeating myself in every outfit. We'll start off with the most important, wellies. Going to an Irish festival especially and camping these are an essential because realistically it'll be raining and muddy. I picked up these short ones from Penneys about a month ago and I was delighted with them because they looked more like boots than wellies with a brogue-like design on the front. I know they're not the most practical because they're short but at least they'll keep my feet dry. Comfortable shoes are a must because there will be a lot of walking, standing and dancing and especially if you're camping you want to keep your feet as dry and comfortable as possible.

Wellies - Penneys 
Next is the classic bum bag. I originally wasn't going to buy one of these for Indie but I came around to the idea of it because it is so practical. You can put your phone, money, and ID all in one place that you don't have to hold or keep close to you. So more practical than anything but still festival fashion forward and again I'll be wearing this with all of my outfits. 
Bum Bag - Penneys 
And last but not least, my necklaces. I love layering two or three necklaces day to day so I said why not add a few more and let it be my festival accessory. Again, I'm wearing these every day just to jazz up the outfits a bit more and make them a bit more festival ready. They're all from Penneys apart from the smaller ring, that's from H&M. You really can't go wrong with picking up some affordable jewellery when it comes to festival fashion. 
Necklaces & Chokers - Penneys and H&M

So there we have it, my three outfits for this weekend at Indie featuring some festival fashion trends and some essentials. I hope you enjoyed this little series and it gave you some inspiration for any upcoming festivals you're attending or else you enjoyed having a bit of a nosey as to what I'm wearing over the weekend. I will be sure to share some photos over on my social media after the weekend but until then,
Ailbhe x  


  1. Nice post! All your outfits are so beautiful. My favourite one has to be your day 3 one. I hope it didn't rain during the Indie and you had an amazing time.

    1. Aw thank you so much gal! I actually didn't up wearing that one because of the rain, but sher look!
      Ailbhe x

  2. I love all of these outfits so much!

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