Friday, 11 August 2017

It's Getting Hot In Here

I know what you're thinking, not another post about the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette (well that's what I would think if I was reading this). There is always so much hype surrounding this family of palettes and when another palette was added to the collection I thought that I definitely wouldn't buy it and don't need it as I have the original Naked palette, which I don't use as much these days as well as the Ultimate Basics Palette which I absolutely adore, but of course I was wrong. After seeing so many posts, videos and pictures including this fabulous post which can read here from Amy, I decided that I would have to go in and see the infamous palette in person myself. I swatched a few shades and straight away knew I would have to think about adding it to my collection. 
Having green eyes, warm eyeshadow tones definitely suit me and copper is definitely one of my weaknesses when it comes to eye shades. Recently I have been loving warm brown and even orange shades on my eyes and a good bronze smokey eyes is always on the cards for my go to night out look. So with all of that I decided I should give this palette a go and it was an excuse to treat myself!
Onto the palette, so it comes with 12 eyeshadows and a double ended brush which is actually much nicer than the original Naked brush in my opinion. There is a flat shader end and a crease side so I can see myself getting great use out of this brush. The packaging itself is very sturdy and practical as it wont get filthy like the original Naked but if you travel a lot it mightn't be the best as it is quite bulky.
The 12 eyeshadows are a mix of matte, satin, and shimmer although the majority are matte. Upon swatching the shadows I was pleasantly surprised they are all pigmented and easily blended. The shimmers are absolutely stunning and could definitely be used wet for an every shinier look. Some of the mattes weren't as soft as others but could be easily built up and used with a primer for the best effect.
There is a great shade range, some transition colours that could even be used as matte lid colours along with some shimmers and some darker shades that I would actually use. Some palettes I don't use half of the shades but I honestly think I will use all the shades in this palette, some more than others but that's always the case.
For this look I didn't go for my usual winged eye shape (I know, shock horror!) and went for a rounded, copper, warm eye that would be perfect to wear during the day or at night. I began with putting 'Chaser' in the crease and added 'Low Blow' on the outer third. I added some of 'He Devil' in the outer v to add some more definition. I then packed on 'Scorched' onto my lid and added some of 'Lumbre' in the very centre of my lid. To add some more definition I put 'Sauced' in my crease and deepened things up with 'En Feuco' in the very outer v. I put 'Ounce' in my inner corner and smudged some of 'Low Blow' under my lash line along with a tiny bit of 'He Devil' on the outer portion of my lower lash line. I basically used as many shades as I could to try the shadows out!
Although it isn't the cheapest of makeup products, this palette definitely gets a thumbs up from me and if you were on the fence whether to buy it or not I would highly suggest you do because, apart from the Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette, there's nothing else like it out at the moment.
You will be sure to see this feature in my upcoming Snapchat Get Ready With Me's as I can't wait to try it out more and experiment with different looks. So stay tuned to see the palette in action. Until then,
Ailbhe x 


  1. Nice post! I have heard so much about the Heat palette and it looks amazing. I am trying to convince myself not to buy it as I have enough eyeshadow palettes at the moment and I don't need another one.

    1. Thank you gal, ahahaha I was the exact same trying to convince myself, obviously failed!
      Ailbhe x