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Freshers Fashion

Hey guys! Today's post is going to be some fashion advice for college because when you're wearing your own clothes every day it can be kind of hard ending up not wearing the same thing every day. I'm also going to share a typical outfit combination for college nights which is very handy to have in the wardrobe and before we get into it if you haven't seen last week's blogpost that was about general college advice you can read it here.

First of all I'm going to state the obvious, dressing for a college night and college during the day are very different. But for both, wear what you want and what you feel the most comfortable in. If that means turning up to lectures in a tracksuit or going out clubbing in a ballgown that is completely fine and not 'wrong' in any way. College is so easy going when it comes to fashion and no one really cares what you're wearing so you do you. I personally choose to wear what I do every day to college and dress the way I do on nights out because that's what I feel most comfortable in. I love fashion, and experimenting with different outfits is what I love to do so that's why I don't turn up to lectures in a hoodie every day (although some days I will!)
The first thing that is a must for a daytime college outfit is comfortable shoes. This obviously depends  on your college and how big it is but for UCC you tend to do so much walking during the day whether that be into town and back to just around campus. I love wearing Converse or Vans because they still look good with an outfit but are also comfortable enough to do loads of walking in. I made the mistake last year to wear really nice looking shoes and ended up with blisters and cuts all over my feet so learn from my mistake and wear comfortable shoes from the start! 

I tend to plan my outfits on a Sunday for the week ahead so I'm not scrambling to get an outfit together every morning which saves time and helps you not end up in the same outfit for a week. This also helps you put thought into your outfits if you want to look nice a particular day you have plenty of time to plan it. Also take comfort into account, if you're in college for 8 hours don't wear that top that looks nice but is so uncomfortable because you're going to be in it all day. 
Layering your clothes is a very good idea because it could be cold outside but roasting in the library but freezing in a lecture hall, it's quite  difficult to figure out how to dress when there is a range of temperatures. Blanket scarves are also a great layering piece because you can literally wrap it around you if you're cold or bundle it up around you if you want to sleep and I've even used it as a blanket a few times, they're literally the best invention and if you don't own one you need one for the coming winter! 

I would highly suggest thinking about your basics so picking up some plain t-shirts, good jeans and some comfortable shoes that will go with everything. I always tend to gravitate to plainer items of clothing because they tend to go well with each other and are really easy to throw on and make an outfit instead of having to think about different prints or how to wear your most comfortable shoes if they don't go with anything much. Also keep in mind if you're in labs there is a dress code, well science labs anyway. So don't wear sandals or bare legs if you have a lab that day even though it's probably too cold to do that in Ireland but do keep that in mind when you're planning your outfits. 
Photography by Cl√≥da 
Now, onto the night-time fashion. Dress codes for a night out can vary depending on what you're doing, where you're going and who you're with but I'm just going to gear this towards the typical college night out, so going to a club. As I said in my last post never feel pressured to go out and drink if you don't want to, that also goes for fashion, don't feel pressured to wear what other people are wearing, you do you and most importantly wear something if you feel comfortable in it because if you don't you'll probably spend your night fixing your skirt or worrying about your top which is never any fun. 
Don't get too hung up on on what to wear because more than likely there will be a lot of nights out so if you don't think you look your best one night it's not the end of the world, even though you probably look amazing it's just your mind playing tricks on you. Don't go spending all your money on a new outfit for every Thursday night because as a student money is quite tight so shop sale sections if you really want something new to wear but also get versatile pieces that you can wear with different things you already have in your wardrobe and also things you can wear during the day as well. For example a classic black skirt, you can wear that with all the tops you already own but throw on a pair of tights and boots and you can wear it during the day as well. Looking good on a night out doesn't have to cost a bomb and you can definitely wear things again. 

You will probably need a jacket even if you don't think you will, it's Ireland which means cold and rain and especially the walk into town or back to student accommodation isn't fun if you're freezing or wet. It's also not fun if you're struggling in heels so, if you choose to wear heels, wear comfortable ones or else throw a pair of flip flops into your clutch or in your coat pocket because trust me, you will be thankful for them at 3am when you're starting the long walk back home with takeaway in tow.
 I would suggest not to wear your most expensive clothes and shoes out because unfortunately they are likely to get destroyed. Drink goes everywhere (especially when you're one of the shortest people there) and more often than not it comes out in the wash but be wary if you are wearing your favourite jacket out, maybe save it for a nice night out when you're going to a classy bar instead of the usual college club. The same goes for shoes because again, drink goes everywhere. I would go for an affordable pair of heels you're not too precious about or else a cheap pair of sandals. More often than not everything comes home in one piece but just in case. Being prepared for wardrobe malfunctions is always a good idea, throw some safety pins, plasters and body tape into your clutch. They barely take up any room and you might save your own or a friend's life one night. 
Finally, onto the outfit. If you couldn't tell this is the typical 'jeans and a nice top' combination. I can't even tell you how many times this would be the dress code for a night out or event. Having a few nice tops in your wardrobe is very handy because you can wear them for a last minute night out or for a not-so-dressy night out. I found this top in the Zara sale and I love it because you can wear it both day and night and can easily be dressed up with a pair of classic black skinny jeans and some heels. I adore these heels for a night out because they're not too high, are comfy, and most importantly I can last the whole night in them. Something with support around the ankle and a chunky heel always makes for a more comfortable shoe. I accessorised with some layered necklaces along with a crossbody black bag which is honestly the best thing I ever bought. I can wear it during the day but also use it at night and I don't have to worry about it whereas a clutch you have to constantly be holding it and not being able to dance properly but with this I just throw it across me and can forget about it for the night which is great. 
Top - Zara 
Jeans - Topshop 
Shoes - Penneys 
Bag- Kurt Geiger 
Necklaces - Stradivarius, Penneys & Vintage 
Watch - Vintage Gucci 
So there we go, an easy outfit combination with some of my college fashion tips. If you would like to see what I wear to college on a daily basis then head over to my Snapchat (Username: ailbhe _woods) as I do tend to post all of my outfits over there. I hope you have an amazing Freshers Week whether you're starting college or going back after the summer, be safe and enjoy it,
Ailbhe x 


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