Friday, 29 September 2017

My Space

Hey guys! So firstly, no I'm not talking about that old social media that everyone used back in the day I'm chatting all things homeware and decor because today's post is all about my room. I never thought I'd do a homeware type of blogpost but my friends Lauren and Clóda kept commenting on the bits of my room they saw in the background of my Snapchats and suggested I do one so if you ever have any blogpost suggestions be sure to let me know! Today I'm going to show you and talk through some of my favourite parts of my space. 

I am definitely one to keep my room somewhat clean on an everyday basis as I find it so much easier to be productive in a clean environment, but I would obviously have random things thrown around the place, but have cleaned everything away so my messy room isn't on the internet, so basically it's not always this neat and looking this perfect. 

My room is a shoebox, it fits a bed and a desk that's pretty much it so I always try my best to make it look as big as possible with lots of mirrors and light colours. So this is what you see when you walk into my room; my bed is on the right, my desk is after that, big window straight ahead with some shelves and a mirror on the left hand side and my wardrobe is also beyond those shelves (it's a built in wardrobe so it doesn't take up much space which is great in such a small room).
So we'll start on the right with m beloved bed. I of course have some fairy lights over it from Penneys and my bed cover is also from Penneys. You will probably figure out quickly that I have a bit of a white and gold theme going on in my room. It's not a specific theme that I am strict with sticking to, just a little idea to tie everything together. 
I guess I've always had a thing for homeware and picking bits and pieces up for my room over the years and have always switched and changed things every now and again. The annual trip to Ikea usually prompts this change and when I see cool little bits in Penneys homeware section. 
Onto the wall above my bed. This was always a big huge blank wall so I decided to change that a year or two ago and made this gallery wall. I did it over time and am always adding bits to it. I rotate the pictures in these frames regularly so this wall is constantly changing. Most of the frames are from Ikea and the majority of the little quotes and words are from Penneys, I told ye they were my favourite places to pick up bits from! Everything is so affordable in both of those places because we all know as a student you'd prefer to spend your money on other things than frames. 
At the foot of my bed I have my desk which my Dad actually made for me years ago and I pained white recently enough (you can read about the transformation here). I used to do work here but it slowly became my makeup station and a large amount of my cosmetics live in the drawers underneath. Because I do my makeup sitting at my desk I have my brushes on top in little glass jars as well as my lipstick in a container from Penneys. On top of that I have a few nick nacks again from Penneys and this really handy mirror that is great for magnifying from Ikea. On the far left I have a desk lamp and a fake flower in a vase, both from Ikea. In front of that I have my perfumes that live in this little tray that is again, from Penneys. 
As you can see in the overview shot above I have a white chair under my desk (guess where that is from! Ikea!) and a big mirror above it that was done with a bit of DIY. I love having loads of mirrors to create the illusion of a bigger room. 
Opposite to my table is my wardrobe and next to that is this shelving unit from Ikea. This is actually the newest addition to my room. I needed something to store all of my college stuff and I just had loads of things lying around so I decided to get this to sort everything out. The top shelf is where my laptop sits when I'm not on it (which is very rare) along with some of my jewellery.  
Both the lantern and candle (which is a makeup scented candle?!) are from Ikea and the stand that my necklaces are on is from Penneys. I then store my rings in this little Alex & Ani box. 
Second shelf is full of my beauty and fashion books with a Jo Malone perfume box on top. I have another framed photo next to them as well as a flower that is in what used to be a mug once upon a time. On a little plate in front of that I keep my watches and brackets. I keep them here all together because I wear them on an everyday basis so they're easy to get to. 
The next shelf is the home to another few books, these are more lifestyle types of books as well as baking books. They are sitting between this glass jar from Dunnes and a woven gold pineapple basket from Penneys. In here I keep any blogging props as well as press releases and any products I need to photograph and all the jazz.  
I'm not even going to show ye the last shelf, its basically all of my college stuff so lots of copies, lab books and folders, so nothing special at all. Next to the shelves is the mirror you would be quite familiar with it you see my outfits of the day posts I do every morning. The mirror was actually downstairs in our house but I took it fro my room. I also have some fairy lights hanging across it and above the shelves that are from Penneys. 
And that's the 360 for my room done and dusted, if there is anything you want to know more about feel free to comment down below or get onto me on any of my social medias. I'll be back to my usual fashion post next week but I hope you enjoyed having a snoop around my space and this different type of post,
Ailbhe x 



  1. I LOVE THIS POST! Your room is so pretty and I love your shelves, they are so pretty. I used to have that swivel chair but I upgraded to a comfier one.

    1. Thank you Róisín! Yah it's definitely not the comfiest but I don't spend too much time on it which isn't too bad.
      Ailbhe x

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! Your room is so gorge ������

    1. Thank you gal, definitely such a mess now but anyway!
      Ailbhe x