Friday, 22 September 2017

New Additions

Today's post is going to be a chatty one all about some new makeup that's been added to my collection recently. I prefer doing these 'new in' posts instead of hauls so I have some time to try the products out and can tell ye what I think about them instead of just saying 'I bought this, that's it.' So I'm going to go right into it and talk about what's new in my makeup stash along with my first opinions about the products. I've also linked all of the products to make it nice and easy for ye to find them all. 

The first thing I put to one side to feature in this post was the Nyx Lip Lustre Glossy Lip Tint - Juicy Peach*. You're probably as intrigued by the name as I was, how can a lip tint be glossy at the same time and is it long lasting? I have never used a product like this at all, it's glossy but not sticky and so incredibly pigmented. You really only need one coat of this lip product for a bold striking glossy colour and when the product fades it leaves a gorgeous stain on the lips. If I don't want to go for a bright look I dab a little of it on and pat in into my lips to create a gorgeous stain so this is definitely a fab multifunctional product. Even though it's not a colour I would usually wear, it's fun to experiment with some colour from time to time. 
In one of my Q&A's I was asked what my favourite makeup brand was and I finally decided that it would have to be NYX and this second product from them definitely did not disappoint. I jumped at the opportunity of trying the Nyx Wonder Stick - Deep Dark* and surprisingly I made the darkest colour work on my paler-than-milk skin tone. There are two shades in the stick and one is supposed to be a highlight shade but I just use it as a bronzer and the other is a contour shade. I adore using this for more dramatic contour looks for when I'm going out or when I want a more of a full on makeup look. I would definitely recommend you pick this up in your shade unless you want a really dramatic contour but because of their really creamy formula it is easy to blend into the skin and make the other shades work for you too.  
This is definitely the one product that I wasn't too impressed with on first use and need to play around with it a bit more to figure out a better way for it to work. The product I'm talking about is the Kiko Water Eyeshadow - 206. I picked this up when I was in Edinburgh (you can read my travel diary here) as I have two other shades already and adore them. Because it is quite a dark colour it had a lot of fallout and wasn't as pigmented as the other two shades. It has a gorgeous shine and shimmer to it and I will definitely have to figure out a good way to use this shadow as it has a lot of potential but for now I would suggest sticking to the lighter shades in this eyeshadow formula and will report back on this particular shade. 
I know when I went to Kiko that I had to pick up this lip product as my friend raved about it so much. I was going to go for a nude because that's legit all I wear but instead I went for a rose-toned shade and it definitely reminds me of Mac's Mehr lipstick. I should tell you what the product is called that might handy, it's the Kiko Unlimited Double Touch - 120. I'm definitely the person who would prefer a comfortable lip option over a drying one that may last longer anyway but on first impression I really like this. I also love that you can put the gloss over it as I have been liking a glossier lip lately (which is definitely thanks to the Nyx glossy lip stain). I haven't tried this too much yet but so far so good and I will definitely have to test it on a night out to see how long it would last. 
Now I must say that I havent truly tested this Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Setting Spray out yet and still have to put it to the test. I've heard that this is a good dupe for the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray and ye all know how much I adore the L'oreal Infallible setting spray. So yeah it smells ok and doesn't feel too drying on the back of my hand so this is another product I'll keep you updated on. 
This Collection Contour Stick - Light has always been on my wishlist and when it was on a 3 for 2 offer in Superdrug I decided to bite the bullet and try it out. Now to be honest it is quite a dry formula and it took me a while to understand how the formula works best with my skin texture. I would definitely use this for a more natural makeup day when I don't want a strong contour but just want a bit of definition. It is a great tone for the pale skinned people like me and they do have a few shades which is great. I would definitely recommend trying this out if you're new to the cream contouring thing but I do prefer the Nyx one as it is creamier and easier to use but I still do enjoy this one and it's so affordable so why not try it out?! 
When I passed through Debehams one day and saw there was a new Makeup Forever stand I was thrilled and the next week when I was asked to call into the counter an event I was absolutely over the moon, Cork is slowly but surely getting better in the beauty industry. At the event I was really kindly given some products to try out and I have never tried any products from the brand. First off is the Makeup Forever  Pro Light Fusion Luminizer - 2 Golden*. This highlighter is absolutely gorgeous, it's so creamy and highly pigmented but also blends into the skin really well. I definitely think a lighter shade would suit me better but this golden shade is gorgeous for an emphasised, heavier makeup look. 
I'm not the biggest fan of using black liners and mascara so when I saw this Makeup Forever Aqua XL Ink Liner - M22* in my goodie bag I was delighted. It's a dark green teal colour and you might be thinking, how the hell is green eyeliner wearable?! Well because it is such a dark shade you don't even notice it's green unless you're really close up. When I used it, it lasted really well and was easy to apply but I definitely need to experiment a bit more with it.  

Who doesn't love a good warm nude lipstick? I have definitely been loving the warmer makeup tones recently and have been enjoying using this Makeup Forever Artist Rouge Creme Lipstick - C107*. I must say, I didn't think it lasted extremely well and as it is quite pricey I would recommend trying the matte finish in this lipstick formula so it is longer lasting. But if you love a good creamy lipstick formula then go ahead and try this out but just know it didn't last very long on me.  
I was definitely impressed with the brand overall and of course will be wanting to try more of their products in the future, although they are quite pricey I do think they're incredibly worth it. 
Before I go I want to quickly mention tools that aren't pictured above because I bought them the day after I took these photos and didn't want to have to take them again, blogger problems. But they are the new Penneys Makeup Brushes - 220 & 230. One is definitely a dupe for the Mac 217 brush and it is such a handy brush to have while the other one is an amazing crease brush. It took me ages to find these in store after seeing them on Kate Torpey's Snapchat but I am delighted I picked them up. Although the 230 didnt' wash very well the first time I will keep ye updated. 

I will be sure to feature these products in upcoming GRWM's over on my Snapchat in the coming weeks so head over there to see the products in action. If you want to hear about any of the products more in detail then be sure to let me know,
Ailbhe x 

*Products marked with an asterisk have been given to me by PR or by the brand, this does not in any way affect my opinions or reviews as they are always honest and non-biased.

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